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The morning after…

July 16th, 2004

I think discussion night was great success compared to what it could have been. We discussed the need to set limits in the beginning of the relationship and advice one would give to a friend who expressed an interest in [[BDSM]].

We came to the conclusion that discussing and setting limits, at least at the beginning of a D/s relationship, is imperative. Without it, someone could get seriously hurt.

As for giving our friends advice, some of the ideas were go slow and ask lots of questions, study up on it quite a bit so they’d know what to expect and so they could help protect themselves from being abused and to decide what they’re looking to get out of a [[BDSM]] session/play time/relationship. Some books that were suggested are The Loving Dominant, SM101, Screw the Roses Give Me the Thorns, [[The Story of O]], and The Sleeping Beauty series.

It was mostly regs, including laKajira (the channel owner) who was there and active (thank you laKajira, for taking the time to join in – I know you’re rather busy). coffeeslut stopped in (thanks coffee). Mace and Civx took time out of their busy game playing schedules to express their opinions 😛 (thanks guys). And bunny`cakes{MB} (Mace’s slave) was there as well (thanks bunny). Anyone that I’m forgetting, I’m sorry and thanks to you as well.

All in all I think it turned out rather well. If anyone would like a copy of the log so that they may read how it went, let me know. I’m making a text file of last night’s log for this purpose. I hope more people are able to make it next week.

Thanks again to everyone 🙂 With your efforts, hopefully #submission will be roaring with action again in the future. Have a great day! 

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