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What about the rest???

April 22nd, 2004

K, so… this is an all out rant which means I’ll be jumping around a bit. You may get it. You may not. But it’s all related and makes sense. At least in my head.

When people express their opinions on the war in Iraq, the most popular response to thoughts of outrage is “What about the World Trade Center?” My response to that question is obvious. What *about* the World Trade Center? The war in Iraq has absolutely *nothing* to do with the attacks that were made on our home soil. The war in Iraq was (admitted by our dear sweet warmongering Commander in Chief) completely unprovoked.

And while we’re on the attacks made on our home soil, what about the rest??? Everyone talks about the people that died in the World Trade Center. What about the people that died in the other two planes? And sadly enough, I can’t even remember if anyone died in the Pentagon crash (aside from those in the plane) because it was dropped almost as quickly as it was announced.

What the hell are we doing? Are we so arrogant and confident in our approach to government (which, by the way, is steadily failing us) that we feel we’re infallible? Bush stands firmly on his “Christian faith”. Where in the bible does it say that we can just go kill people cause they don’t believe the same things we do? And what happened to removing the plank in your own eye before removing the speck from your neighbor’s? IOW: Clean up *our* backyard first. Save *our* country. Then we can worry about good deeds and saving others.

And… has anyone *else* noticed that this country (Iraq) doesn’t *want* to live by our ways, government or otherwise? How many more U.S. soldiers and civilians have to die at the hands of angry (and rightfully so) citizens protesting the new government that is being forced upon them before we realize that it’s time to pull out of Iraq?

Our forefathers didn’t plan for this. Our forefathers didn’t build this country with an evil plot to rule the world in mind. They believed in liberty and justice for all. Not liberty and justice for us, but for all. So who the hell are we to trample on their name? To spit on their gift by forcing others to live as we do? Who the hell are we to decide what is right for another government, another country, another town, another person??? No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are arrogant, murderous pigs. We’ve let our “leaders” give us that title.

Ok I’m done. ::steps off her soapbox:: 

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