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Books I’ve read

January 8th, 2004 No comments

Exit to Eden by Anne Rice. I don’t even know where to begin. Exit to Eden has got to be the best D/s love story I have read or seen thus far. I can’t even begin to compare it to the movie though because, from what I remember of the movie, they have two very different story lines. I’ll have to ask Master if I can rent the movie sometime so that I can watch it again. As it stands, I’ll be reading the book again.

I’ve read the first two Gorean novels. And the first is an absolutely wonderful love story.

I’ve seen The Secretary. A beautiful D/s love story as well.

I absolutely love the first two books in the beauty series though I’ve yet to read the third and the suspense is killing me.

Now before you go getting your panties in a bunch, I haven’t read or seen that many D/s love stories as yet. I haven’t read The Story of O or any of that. Anyone having any suggestions of D/s novels or movies for me to look into, give a holler. A private message on DAL would be noticed the fastest.* TTFN-Ta ta for now!!!


–When I do right, no one remembers. When I do wrong, no one ever forgets!– from a poster on my wall when I was a teen. Fitting, I think.

*We’re almost never on IRC anymore. You can msg me privately here, though 🙂
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I need…

January 1st, 2004 Comments off

… a delete button for my blog entries. Perhaps I’ll talk to Master about adding one of those.

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