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December 7th, 2003

I made a snow angel!!!! I made a snow angel!!!!

Picture, if you will, a big black marshmallow with red and black hands and rosy cheeks and bell bottom jeans with flowers embroidered on the bottom. Her feet are shrouded in brown boots and her hair is in a severe braid so that no strands will escape and get in her way.

Among this careful dressing and making up of her body, there is an unexpected childish glow as she wanders a little away from her master to find a clear patch of snow. She stops, looks over her shoulder smiling and then with an evil giggle and a gleam in her eye, she flops down into the snow just as her master looks over His shoulder.

He called me a dork… and I’m still beaming like a child… lol. We went to the park so Master could take pictures of the snow. Then I got scolded for making a snow ball and told if I threw it I’d be in trouble. He had His favorite toy in His hand… His digital camera. There would be hell to pay if anything happened to that. So I threw it at a tree. Too bad there weren’t any kids around.. I would have started a snow ball fight. Course, this day and age, the kids prolly would have pulled out a gun and shot me.

It’s fun to act like a child every now and again. It reminds me that I am, in fact, alive. I couldn’t be happier than when I’m out playing with Master. And to see the amused smile on His face and the little twinkle in His eye when I do something silly and childish that reminds Him that He’s alive, too, even if He’s entirely too serious to do silly, childish things like make a snow angel. :0P


If you wanna see the picture… it’s at http://www.mindcryme.com/gallery/albums.php under outings.* There’s about a bazillion albums there. Take a peek if you like. Master is a wonderful photographer, even if He’d disagree with me.


*Master has since removed the gallery. I plan to ask Him to either put it back up or give me access to the photos so I can put some of them up here. 

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