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The Morning After

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It’s an amazing thing, the morning after. And I don’t mean the morning after a scene or even the morning after sex. I mean the morning after I’m punished. The morning after Master decides to take a firmer hand with me. To force me, however resistant, to show what a good girl I can be.

I’m always in such a good mood. I always wake with a smile. There’s always a little extra bounce in my step. I always strive that much harder to make sure everything’s just the way he likes it. I work just a bit harder to make sure he is pleased. And I don’t mean harder than when I was bad. I mean harder than when I was being perfectly good.

There’s a lot of things I never tell Master. A lot of things that are but a fleeting thought. Here one minute, gone the next. And I wonder if it’s true, that a girl’s heart is full of secrets. And I don’t know how it could be. Master knows me better than I know myself. Read more…

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