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Me and My Big Mouth…

December 1st, 2003 Comments off

One of these days I’ll learn that this mouth of mine is nothing but trouble. When I was a kid, if it wasn’t spitting out atrocious piles of bull shit, it was verbally upchucking stuff I had no business revealing. Thankfully, I haven’t done the latter in years.

I can hear you already. “So what’d ya do this time?” Do you have any idea how incredibly, ridiculously stupid I feel every time I hear it? “What’d ya do this time, Rayne?” or “Boy! He’s in rare form. How’d ya piss him off this time?”

Yeah, yeah…I know. “But you’re such a good girl! How could anyone think that?” Did you guys miss my little excerpt on how Mrs. Perfect fell? Yeah, well, this time she fell harder. If that’s at all possible. Read more…

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