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Something Nilla

November 20th, 2003

Here we go. A nilla topic. I know, I know…but it had to be done. So here it is…Thanksgiving:

Why didn’t anyone tell me that inviting the folks for Thanksgiving was a bad idea? Why didn’t someone say “Geez, Rayne! You trying to kill yourself with anxiety? Smarten up and uninvite them quick before it’s too late!”? Some friends you are!!! ::giggle::

I’m bouncing off the walls feeling like I’m obligated to have some sort of schedule to entertain them when they’re here and we have absolutely nothing for them to do. Unless I can somehow monitor the files my dad is able to pull up and let him on my computer. And even then, there’s still two more people to entertain. And on top of it, my father already seems grouchy and he’s not even here yet. Not to mention he hasn’t met Master.

Now, I know I’m the slave and all, but if my father makes Master feel uncomfortable in his own home, I think I will freak. My dad is notorious for being a bastard to my partners before he even knows them. I’ve always hated it.

I thought the holidays were supposed to be peaceful… SO WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS SO STRESSFUL????

If you’re wondering about the length between posts, I’m going through an “I don’t want to be near this damned computer” phase. You know the type. Where just looking at the thing makes you annoyed, let alone sitting at it.
Hopefully it’ll go away soon. We’ll see.

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