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November 20th, 2003

FictionIconI open my eyes. The light blinds me momentarily and then my eyes adjust. I move them side to side to take in my surroundings. A beach. Fenced in but not privately. I look between the slats and see as well as hear that there are people all around the fence in which I’m encased, yet no one seems to notice me.

I feel the ache in my arms and realize my hands are clasped behind my neck. I try to bring them down but they resist. I glance above me and see that my wrists are tethered to a rope which is, in turn, tethered to slats above me. I am caged. And within this cage, I am bound. I start to thrash and try to scream but something is in my mouth. A gag.

I sit still for a moment and try to assess the situation. I try to look down but I cannot. I turn my head from side to side and then look up, all these functions with no difficulty, but…

I cannot look down. A cool breeze brushes across my nipples, stomach, and licks at the lips of my pussy and I start to panic. I am naked and bound kneeling with my legs spread wide. Suddenly the morning comes back to me. The threats, the terrifying chase, the punishment, and finally being strapped in this dreadful cage.

I begin to panic. I feel as if I’m being suffocated. My lungs feel as though they are about to burst. They burn and scream for mercy. I thrash about and scream behind the gag, tears streaming down my face, trying to free myself of my bonds. To what avail, I’m not sure because I know I will never be able to free myself from the cage.

And then I see him. Suddenly, all thoughts of resistance slide from my mind. A calm comes over me and I try desperately to straighten my body and make myself pleasing to the eye, even in this degrading position. I straighten my back and push my thighs as far apart as I possibly can, feeling my juices sliding from my naked sex to the wood beneath me. And I gaze lovingly at the man before me for just a moment before dropping my gaze to a more submissive level.

I know he is watching me and I try desperately not to squirm under his penetrating stare. His gaze humiliates and enraptures me, as his ministrations will when he has decided to deal with my behavior. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a brief smile as it crosses his lips. And then he moves toward me. My heart sings and it is everything I can do to remain still and silent.

“That was some show you put on this morning, little girl.”

I can hear the amusement in his voice.

“After today, you will run only when I tell you to. But I liked our game of cat and mouse.”

My whole body cries out for me to move, to scream, to wail. Anything to show him that I have learned my lesson. Yet I remain silent. I hold my position and stay as still as I can.

He unlocks the lid to the cage and begins removing my bonds. Slowly, each restraint is removed from my body and I am made to stand. Finally, he removes the gag and I am shocked to see that it is a penis gag. Then he lifts me from my feet and cradles me in his arms and I whisper into his chest hair, two syllables:


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