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Collars/contracts players only?

October 13th, 2003

We all know that I’m all for “to each their own” and I don’t judge anyone. Sure I bitch about people’s actions and I grumble when people do things I think are wrong. Doesn’t everyone? But I am in no position to judge anyone, so I don’t. Not only is this philosophy (that collars and contracts are for “players”) totally against everything I’ve read and been taught, but it’s insulting.

Not only do I wear a collar (two actually) but Master and I also have a contract. Which actually needs to be revised because it still says I have a safeword. And on top of that, we’re married. Now perhaps an actual collar isn’t necessary. And maybe, for you, a contract is needless gibberish. There are those that would argue that the strongest collar is around the heart (I agree) and that contracts are in the mindset of Dom/me and sub/slave. That’s fine. But to go so far as to say they’re for “players” only? I think that is way off base.

Granted a collar is only a symbol, but it is a symbol that says, “I’m owned.” It shows that the sub/slave has made a commitment to the dominant who has placed it there. My collars don’t have dog tags or Master’s initials or anything. As a matter of fact, the “collar” I wear in public is nothing more than a necklace with a hand-shaped pendant on it. But it is much much more to Master and I.

And as far as a contract, the way I see a contract is as a form of reassurance for both dominant and submissive that certain things will be expected and followed. Some submissives aren’t so quick to hand away their freedom for the rest of their lives in a life contract. And for some, that caution is a good thing. I, however, have signed a contract that says I will belong to Master for the rest of my life.

Contracts can be a million and one things. They can be laid out to signify a million and one things. They can say as much as all of the rules the sub/slave is to abide by or as little as, “dominant owns submissive.” They are used as an agreement for how long a submissive will remain in service to a dominant, the things the submissive will or will not endure for said dominant, any promises made, terms on which release is allowed with or without dominant’s permission, etc.

To some this is unnecessary. And that’s fine. Again, to each their own. But to some this is an important part of the relationship. I am a 24/7 real life slave and wife to Master Melen. And I have both collar and contract. Am I a “player”?

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