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Mrs. Perfect Falls

October 7th, 2003 Comments off

So all of those that are still convinced that I’m perfect (although I tell you time and time again I’m far from it) and still wish to keep this view of me read no further…cause I’m about to smash it. Maybe if I continue to post when I screw up people will realize that I am at fault and not Master.

I was punished last night. And my ass still hurts. But more than that, my heart hurts. And the pain in my heart out weighs the pain in my ass by a long shot. I’m not entirely sure how to describe what I did, as, so far, everyone that I’ve told has said “Oh that’s harmless.” Which brings me to two points that I will probably stress a bazillion times while I have this website (which I hope to have for a long time), 1) If Master says I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, and 2) What you think/feel about what I did doesn’t matter. I don’t specifically post for the reader’s benefit so much as my own.

So, without further ado, the events leading to my punishment and my punishment. A friend of mine is a switch and she was in domme mode last night (online). She paddled me and I asked for another and she paddled me again. Asking for another was the offense. I wasn’t thinking and I was only joking. But that is completely irrelevant. I am not permitted to ask for anything from anyone except Master.  Read more…

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