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Bitch Session

October 2nd, 2003

Tired of hearing me rant yet? Then stop reading!!! Cause this is a full fledged bitch session.

What the hell are you “dom/mes” thinking??? No, not you dom/mes over there minding your own business. You! Yes, you! The ones over there bothering collared subs/slaves! Yes, I know she’s yours I’m not talking to you. You! You right there! That slave doesn’t belong to you! Don’t you see the collar? I mean it’s blinding me from here!

What the hell is the deal with fucking with slaves that obviously don’t belong to you??? Yes, I’m wearing a collar. What difference does it make whose initials are on it? Are they yours? Then fuck OFF!

I mean really! Why do trolls feel the need to hit on subs/slaves who are wearing a collar? And after the sub/slave tells them “Yes I’m collared and owned and Master and I are married to each other.” And then they ask “Married for real?” Well, the ceremony seemed very real to me and there’s pictures online but perhaps it’s just some big mass hallucination! Shit, we better get the meds out here pronto! We got loons running around all over the place!

Okay, on a serious note. Hitting on collared subs/slaves is not cool unless you have their dom/me’s permission. It’s disrespectful and it totally defames (I think) the idea of owning someone. Dom/mes generally collar subs/slaves to mark them as their own. Which means DON’T TOUCH unless you have permission!

Hmmm…next subject. What’s with this “I’m too cool. Bow to me and call me Sir/Ma’am for my nick is capped” attitude some “dom/mes” have? Puhlease! Give me a break! I wouldn’t kneel for you on someone else’s knees! Even if I was allowed to defer to another dom/me (which I’m not), I’ll be damned if you would get any attention! Come down off your pedestal that you’ve so happily placed yourself on and see what the *real* world is like. I know it’s scary but you have to face your fears sometime.

And then, when your common decency forces you to at least say hi, and they bitch cause there’s no sir/ma’am after their nick, and when you tell them that you’re not allowed they still bitch. Whatever! I am not going to break my rules for anyone! I get into enough trouble all on my own thank you!

And that’s another thing! If a sub/slave tells you something is against their rules, don’t freak on them! Don’t keep begging and whining! And certainly don’t go bitching to their dom/me about it cause they’re not going to change their sub’s/slave’s rules just cause somebody else doesn’t like them! Chances are, the rules are in place for a mighty good reason. And even if they’re not, who are you to question his/her authority over his/her sub/slave? I’m sure if that sub/slave had a problem they’d bring it up with their dom/me and if it couldn’t be resolved they’d ask to be released. Sub/slave doesn’t mean stupid. Nor does it mean easy, bitch, free fuck, “touch me I’m available,” or doormat. It sometimes means slut, and sometimes means whore, but that’s none of your nevermind unless you own them or are allowed to play with them.

Okay. School’s out for now. But I expect you here at 12pm sharp for your next lesson!

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