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You’ve got to be kidding me!

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So okay…I watched the news the other day, for whatever reason, in hopes of seeing something other than corrupt politicians and there were people on the news actually arguing for the US rebuilding Iraq! Not that I was particularly surprised as our government has this obscene fascination with blowing shit up and then rebuilding it. And then we sit back on our thumbs raising our people’s taxes because we just rebuilt a country that we blew up and we still owe them money so we’re in debt!

We say, “Oh! We just blew you up? We’re so sorry! Here. Let us fix the damage we’ve caused for a perfectly good reason and we’ll still one day pay you the money we owe you and then we’ll call each other allies. What’s that? This other really big country is picking on you? Oh don’t worry about that. Just tell them you’re our friend. They’ll leave you alone and if they don’t we’ll come protect you and put ourselves more in debt. And you don’t have to pay a dime or lift a finger. Didn’t you know we’re the global police?” It’s the most lucrative business in the world…for other countries.  Read more…

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