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Today’s Rant

September 25th, 2003

Master and I are slowly but surely turning our new apartment into a home. We have a washer and dryer finally and we’ll have living room furniture tomorrow. Coming from a one bedroom with only a kitchen and a split bathroom (sink and toilet in one tiny room and shower in another), I think we’re doing pretty good for ourselves. Pretty soon I’ll forget that I decorated and not my mother (or Martha Stewart for that matter).

The weirdo upstairs is being herded out pretty soon. I don’t understand why some disabled people feel the world owes them something (I said some, not all, and meant no offense to anyone as I am considered “disabled” myself). He literally flipped on the landlord (we’ll call him J), calling him a slumlord and so on. All because J doesn’t want him here any more. And his excuse for his behavior? His disability. To be honest, I don’t blame J at all. The man is ridiculous. When we had the big power outage, he called J and went nuts, screaming about how J needs to get over here and fix the electricity and so on and so forth. Please.

So on to other things I don’t get. Lying on the net to people you plan on meeting sometime in the near future. All right… I’ll admit… I’ve lied on the net before. When I was younger I used to lie on the net all the time. But I never in a million years would have met any of the people I talked to. I was too scared to even tell them my real name or where I lived, let alone meet them in real life. But I like to think that I had sense enough to know that if I did plan to meet them, I had best tell them the truth or plan to suffer the consequences of lying. 

If you’re with someone, say you’re with someone. If you’re a brunette, say you’re a brunette. If you dislike someone, say you dislike them. On the net, the same rules apply! If people don’t like you for who you are then it’s their loss. Not yours. Eventually they’re going to find out the truth anyway… so why not be truthful?

Maybe it’s just cause I generally put myself out there and don’t really give a flying fuck what people think. Maybe it’s because Master’s is the only opinion that matters to me. Maybe it’s because people I care about are constantly getting burned by people that think they’re just “that good” at hiding the truth. In any case… it’s not cute or funny or endearing to find out that someone you’ve been talking to for months is actually not who you thought they were. The road to hell is paved with good intentions (wait… I don’t believe in hell). “I didn’t think you’d like me if I told you the truth.” isn’t going to work. I sure as hell don’t like you now that I know that everything we’ve talked about for the past few months was bull shit.

Ok I think I’m done now.


P.S. NO… this isn’t geared at anyone specifically. Just ranting.

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