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Learning Her Place

September 6th, 2003

bondageA loud, sharp buzzing shatters the air and her eyes snap open. She glances at the alarm clock and groans as she throws back the blanket and clambers out of bed. Slowly, she creeps over to the alarm clock and resets it for twenty minutes later, resisting the urge to crawl back into bed with him.

Eyes half closed, she stumbles around their apartment readying his things for work, the only sounds his deep breaths from the bedroom and the tinkling of the bells at her ankle. She lays his clothes over the back of his chair, grinds the coffee beans and turns on the coffee pot, and slides a bagel into the toaster. Then she staggers into the bathroom to do her business. After carefully washing her hands, she wanders back into the kitchen, retrieves the cream cheese and half and half from the fridge, a plate and travel mug from the cabinet and a knife and spoon from a drawer and then settles down at the kitchen table to prepare his breakfast.

Just as she is finishing, the alarm devastates the air around her for the second time that morning. She hears a muffled growl from the bedroom and then a firm swat silencing the alarm and smiles to herself knowing the ‘scary’ bear of a man is awake. She stands and hurries to fetch his breakfast tray and stands it on the table. She sets the plate and mug on the stand just as she hears more grumbling from the bedroom. She approaches the door to the tune of “girl! Where is my breakfast?” and smiles as she stands in the doorway admiring the bear in his domain.

“Well don’t just stand there, girl! Bring it to me!” His voice still carries the grogginess of sleep and just enough menace for her to be wary.

“Yes, Master”

Gracefully, carefully she glides over to his side of the bed and stands the tray on the floor long enough to retrieve his sitting pillow and ease it behind Him. Then she bends to pick up the tray and places it over his lap. He smiles and gestures to the bed beside him. she climbs back into his bed careful not to jostle it too much and spill anything. She turns on her side and curls into a ball and gently slips back to sleep.

“It’s time to get up, brat” His voice, no longer menacing, slips into the cracks between her dreams and her awareness as only he can do.

She groans softly and rolls to her back drawing the covers up closer to her chin as she does. Cautiously, she opens one eye and sees him sitting on the bed beside her gazing down at her with a knowing smile. Upon seeing his face, she bites back a grin and tries to roll onto her
stomach. A slight touch on her stomach stays any movement she might have thought to make. Slowly, he pulls her back onto her back and draws the blanket down just far enough to release her right breast. He slides his hand over her breast and instantly her nipple springs to attention.

“It’s time to get up, little girl.” His voice has taken on a slight husky tone as he captures her nipple in his fingers and pinches lightly.

“Yes, Master.” she whispers as she gazes into his eyes wishing he didn’t have to go to work this day.

He quickly dresses himself and then heads out to the kitchen. As he does she slides out of the bed, fetches his travel mug and follows him to the kitchen. The rest will be cleaned up after her shower. While he puts in his contacts and finishes getting ready, she refills his mug and gets his lunch together. Seeing that all is ready, she rushes to his side to await her goodbye kiss. He looks down at her and then roughly drags her into his arms grabbing her firm ass in his strong hands and squeezing, pinching, swatting as he kisses her deeply.

“Be good, slut,” he says with a smile. “I’ll talk to you in a little while. I love you.”

Her voice barely audible except the distinct traces of lust, she whispers “I will, Master. I love you more.”

He chuckles and walks out the door.

Finding herself alone, she sighs and reaches up to unclasp the leather collar around her neck and lays it on the table. She then places her right foot in the chair and bends to remove the bells there. After laying them next to her puppy collar, she reaches up and pulls the
purple hair tie from her long golden hair and sets that, too, on the table next to her collar and bells. After touching her collar lovingly she wanders to the shower and turns on the water. she climbs in and washes and conditions her hair, washes her body, then shaves everything that needs shaving and rinses the conditioner out of her hair. Finally, she steps out, dries her body and returns to the kitchen.

She lifts the collar off the table and locks it around her neck once again and runs her fingers along it sighing blissfully as she remembers the night he did the same.

She had long since been his and her collar had always been a thin silver chain with a hand shaped pendant dangling from it. To most it seemed odd, but to her it meant everything. The necklace had been a gift from a friend of his and he never wore it. Only twirled it around his fingers as sort of a nervous habit. He rarely ever let anyone touch it or wear it. Especially not for long periods of time. But when she put the necklace around her neck, teasing him about breaking his habit, and then tried to give it back later that evening, he refused. Later it became her collar. Now she had another one.

Black leather with silver studs and a large d-ring, it was perfect. They had picked it out together along with a chain leash with a black leather handle. she was sitting on the bed carefully rummaging through their parcels, trying not to look too eager. First she unwrapped and opened all the DVDs they had bought and put them away. Then the rest of the items. Finally, she retrieved the collar and leash and began the task of removing the tags.

Although she was already collared, she dared not put it around her neck the first time on her own. She laid it on the bed and went about looking for things to focus on trying to act nonchalant. Finally, after what seemed like years but was, in actuality, only a few minutes, her master stood from behind his desk and laid down on the bed beside her. He picked up the collar and smiled, almost laughing, watching her tremble with anticipation.

“Let’s see how this fits.”

She held very still, afraid any movement would make him think she was resisting, and held her head high to give him access to her throat. He slid the collar around her neck with the buckle in front and gently tightened it so it would fit comfortably. He slipped two fingers between her throat and the collar and tugged to insure that it wasn’t too tight and then smiled and clipped the leash to the d-ring.


She smiled and nodded…

Absently smiling and nodding, like in her memory, she lifts the bells, slips them around her ankle, and then slinks back to the bathroom to
brush her teeth and pull her hair back into a braid. She starts to walk out of the bathroom when she hears the front door slam shut. She
freezes every muscle and listens intently hoping to hear Master’s footsteps and not someone else’s. When she realizes that it is indeed her master, she dashes from the bathroom and wanders in to the bedroom to ask how she got so lucky as to have him home this day. At the look on his face, the smile disappears from hers.

“Master, what’s…” She trails off as he raises his hand to silence her.

“Don’t speak. Don’t say a word. For the entire day, do not speak unless spoken to. Do you understand me?”

She nods.

Quicker than she can react, his hand fists in her hair and he forces her to her knees. “Today, little girl, you find out what it means to be a slave. Today, you find out what it means to be mine.”

Slowly, forcefully, he pushes her head down to the floor. She feels a wave of anxiety rush over her body. She has never seen him this way
before. The menacing tone, the steely glare in his eyes. His body is rigid and filled with cool purpose. He seems angry and she quickly begins searching the recesses of her memory to try to remember if she has done anything wrong. Finding nothing, she kneels there in silence awaiting his next move. She hears him sit on the bed behind her and feels his foot on her back.

“Who do you belong to slave?”

“You, Master. I belong to you.” she says quickly, her voice cracking with the tears of confusion she is fighting to restrain.

“Is there anything I can’t do to you, girl?”

“No, Master.”

“I guess we’ll see.”

Almost as suddenly as he was there, he’s gone. She’s kneeling with her cheek touching the floor and has no idea where he has gone to.
She stays completely still, afraid of what might happen should she move. She listens intently for some sound that might give away his whereabouts. Finally, she hears the shuffle of his feet on the floor. She let’s out a sigh and takes it back in almost immediately when she feels the heat from his legs behind her. His hand fists in her hair again and he drags her to her feet. He holds her head at his waist and leads her by her hair into the kitchen, then shoves her sprawling onto all fours.

“Is that how I taught you to kneel, slave?”

Without responding, she pulls herself to her knees. Quickly she parts her thighs slightly and clasps her hands behind her back. She fights the urge to look at him, keeping her gaze glued to the floor and her head slightly bent. She lets her lips fall open the tiniest bit and straightens her back thrusting her breasts forward the best she can. He shoves a bare foot between her legs, kicks her inner thighs to spread them farther, and then runs his toes over her pussy. He watches her for a moment and then walks out of the room.

He returns to stand in front of her, fists his hand in her hair again, and drags her to her feet. He spins her to face what appears to be a St. Andrew’s cross placed in the middle of a huge plastic swimming pool and she begins to wonder how she managed to miss it standing there. He lifts each limb one by one fastening a leather cuff around them and then locking them to eye hooks on the cross. She begins trembling again, panic once again overcomes her.

Slowly, gently a gag slides over her head and then into her mouth. She runs her tongue along the unfamiliar shape and realizes it is a penis gag. Her face flushes a deep red. Quickly, she’s plunged into darkness as a black silk scarf is wrapped around her eyes and tied tight behind her head. She then feels ear plugs being gently worked into her ears and understands that the only senses she will be allowed for the duration of the day will hinder her from being able to prepare herself for any blows that may come. She can feel his warmth close behind her and his tongue gently trails along her skin. Then the pain comes.

She feels the familiar bite of the flogger on her back. She is grateful that it is the flogger and not the crop or anything else for that matter.
She begins counting the lashes, crying out as the pain intensifies with each blow. Whimpering as he whips her harder and harder with each stroke. She flattens herself against the cross to brace her body for the blows. Just as she thinks she has figured out his pattern (back, right thigh, left thigh, left cheek, right cheek, back, right thigh, left thigh, left cheek, right cheek) he changes it. She feels her back redden and welt and loses all track of time. Just when she thinks he will never stop, he does.

She feels his hands on her skin. Working her heated flesh. Soothing her welts. She relaxes against the cross and takes a few deep breaths waiting for him to release her limbs. Suddenly, a burning pain spreads through her body. Her muffled screams push past the gag as the crop comes down repeatedly on her back and ass. She writhes against the cross trying to ease the pain a little. It is to no avail. The lashes just keep coming. Finally, one last blow, much harder than the rest, and she lets a blood curdling scream escape her throat into the gag.

Once again, his hands on her skin. This time, though, they are not soothing. This time they are adding to her plight. Pinching and slapping at welts on her back, ass and thighs. Running his nails along thin skin that feels as if it may tear any second. She feels the warmth of his breath on her neck and tries to wrench out of the way of his punishing teeth. He smacks her ass hard and then plunges his teeth into her flesh. She screams into the gag again and for the first time notices fresh tears on her cheeks. Over and over he bites her.

All of a sudden, she feels the sensation of her feet being above her head, her tits flop in her face, and she realizes she has been turned
upside down. She feels something cold and unforgiving at the opening of her tiny ass hole. Suddenly, it plunges into her ass. She yelps as it rips her open and then grows very cold. She recognizes it as Master’s hollow metal plug with ice in it. Another cold object at the opening of her pussy. It too plunges into her, but this time it grows very hot. Master’s hollow metal phallus filled with hot water. She feels him fiddling with them and knows he is putting corks in the ends to keep what’s inside from draining out.

Her clit begins to burn and she whimpers smelling ginger. Then a bite like feeling as he tightens an alligator clamp on her clit over the ginger. He then straps a leather thong around her waist and between her legs to hold everything in place.

Once again her head is where it belongs and she begins to feel slightly dizzy as the blood drains from her head. She feels the heat of his body in front of her between the cross and the wall. She yearns for his touch. Anything to reassure her. What she gets is a hard chomp on her nipple. He chews on her right nipple for a few minutes and then places an alligator clamp on it tightening it as much as possible. He
does the same to the left nipple. She feels the bite of clothespins being placed around the areola and tries to count how many as he goes around and around in a spiral. She loses track at twenty or so and gives up.

Finally, he walks away leaving her in her condition for only a moment and then begins his ministrations on her body again. A large paddle designed to strike both ass cheeks at the same time begins working over her ass. She recognizes it instantly. Each blow comes harder than the first and the tears start anew. Ever since she was small, she has hated paddles. This fact has never escaped him. Again, and again the
paddle comes and she begins to wonder what she has done wrong. And then it stops.

Immediately, excruciation begins again, now in the form of a cane. Her head is spinning and finally she lets go of her confusion and slips into meditation. Into that place only she can go. She is alone with the cane. Soaring higher and higher. Then it stops.

Feeling that he has wandered away from her, she rests her head against the cross and allows herself to slip deeper into that place where
any sensation is ecstasy. Concentrating only on the warmth of her skin, she loses herself in her mind. As she falls deeper and deeper in that black spiral of euphoria, blinding pain shoots through her body and the darkness turns bright white. Again the searing agony,
only this time she has located where it makes its attack and keeps it there. She’s never felt this before, but she knows well its bite. A single
tail. And the person in control of it is obviously very experienced.

Again, it bites into her back, this time tearing the skin. She feels the warm flow of liquid slowly trickling down her back and shivers as it tickles her spine. A small blissful smile spreads on her lips around and behind the gag as she concentrates only on the pain. She takes inventory of her body]s plight, focusing on every inch of her body. She realizes her pussy is quite wet and has been for some time. It is also very sore, as is her ass hole, though she hadn’t noticed before now. Again the bite of the whip and this time she cries out into the
gag. Again and again it comes and she begins to grow limp, hanging from her restrains. Finally, she loses consciousness.

When she opens her eyes, she blinks and tries to focus on where she is. she is lying on her stomach on a soft blanket and a light cover is over her body. Her back feels tight and she realizes that it is bandaged and rather sore. She tries to sit up but a hand pushes her back to the blanket. Suddenly she is showered with kisses and she realizes for the first time that she is no longer on the cross and no longer
full. Her body aches, but she still floats on a wave of euphoria and waits his command. Slowly, carefully, he helps her roll to her
back. She closes her eyes, grimaces and whimpers softly at the brief wave of pain but then blinks her eyes back open and looks around to study her environment.

The cross has been put away and the only person in the room is her Master. She begins to wonder where the person wielding the single tail is when realization hits her. When he was working late… He was actually taking lessons. She smiles up at him, meeting his eyes only for a second and then submissively dropping her gaze once again. Slowly, carefully, he crawls atop her aching body and slides his hard cock into her still dripping pussy.

She whimpers at first as it is still sore and then moans with pleasure. Her moans become screams and he whispers “Cum little girl.” and they both begin to writhe, their bodies wracked with orgasm, calling out their bliss to any that might be listening.

He gazes down at her, kisses her lips gently, and whispers “This is only the beginning, slave. Can you handle it?”

Softly, barely audible, she breathes, “Yes, Master. Anything for You.”

He rises and walks into the bedroom leaving her lying on the floor. “Knees.” he barks from the bedroom and she snaps up to her knees as quickly as possible, holding her breath and waiting for him to return.

A few moments later, he returns holding a small box she hadn’t seen earlier. He sets the box on the counter and turns to the girl. She
lets out a whimper as she feels his hands working to unbuckle the collar she has grown to cherish. Frantically, she tries to think of something she has done wrong saying nothing for fear of angering him. No longer able to contain them, tears slip silently down her face.
It]s all she can do to bite back her pleas for forgiveness for whatever unspeakable act she could have committed to make him want to release her. She begins to tremble, her body becoming racked with sobs she’s holding back.

He turns and opens the box standing between it and her so that she can’t see what it contains. As he fumbles with the contents of the box, she tries desperately to calm herself. When he turns to face her, she sees there is something in his hands.

“Move your hair, little girl.” His voice is still firm but gentler than before.

She takes her left hand from behind her back and raises her braid out of the way. He moves toward her and puts the object in his hands around her neck closing it in the front. He moves back to the box and then returns with a few smaller objects in his hand.

“Hold out your other hand, girl.”

She raises her right hand palm up and waits.

“This will never come off, girl. This is the last chance you have to change your mind about belonging to me. After this, no amount of begging will convince me to release you. Lock it yourself if this is the life you choose for yourself.” He drops the objects into her palm. “Read it.”

She looks down at what rests in her palm and sees there a small silver padlock with keys still attached, a silver d-ring and what appears to be an I.D. tag. On further examination, she sees that the tag is engraved.

“Beloved slave
girl belonging to Master Reginald.

If found please
contact Me at:


She raises her eyes to meet his and the tears are no longer of confusion, but of joy. Keeping her eyes on his, she threads the d-ring and the I.D. tag onto the collar and then closes it once again. She keeps her chin up but drops her eyes as she slides the padlock into its new eternal home and clicks the lock shut. She turns the key and removes it from the lock. Then she turns her right hand palm up with the keys in it and pulls her braid back up out of the way. Wordlessly, he puts the keys back in the box, walks over to the garbage can, drops the box in and closes the lid.

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