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August 11th, 2003

She stands in the kitchen with her hands at her sides and a smile on her face.  Her hair is swept up into a tight bun so as to keep it out of her way.  She is clothed in a thin silver chain with a pendant the shape of a hand hanging from it and a black leather dog collar.  Nothing else on her body is covered.  She is allowed to hide nothing from His view.

She is quite obviously trying to hide her discomfort.  She feels helpless for the first time in their life together.  She has been restrained completely and not a rope is on her.  No cuff touches her skin.  She watches His expressions praying He doesn’t notice her distress.

She watches Him prepare their dinner and silently wishes He would let her do it.  She walks around straightening things up and trying to make herself useful.  Every so often He’ll ask her to fetch something for Him or wash something but mostly He does it all Himself.  She fidgets incessantly not knowing exactly how to feel about the situation.

To an onlooker, it is just a husband preparing a nice dinner for his wife.  To her, it is her master treating His slave to a wonderfully romantic evening.  Her heart swells with joy and pride at being the slave of this astonishing man.  But she can’t help but wish He would allow her to cook the meal and serve Him.

He wanders off to their bedroom softly telling her to set the table.  She does so as quickly as she can, relieved that He is finally allowing her to do something useful.  She sets out the plates and champagne flutes and flatware.  She folds the napkins and sets them in the center of the plates and then places the candles on the table.  She walks back to the bedroom and sits down at her computer to wait His next command.

The timer goes off and they both rise and walk to the kitchen.  He tells her to sit and she does.  She watches uncomfortably as He fills a plate and sets it before her.  Then He does the same for Himself.  Next he fills their glasses and lights the candles.  As wonderfully special as she feels right now she can’t help but feel out of place with Him serving her.

Finally He sits down and begins to eat.  Only then does she lift her fork.  Between bites they talk about different things.  When finished her plate, she sits and watches Him finish His.  A smile of perpetual happiness hasn’t even begun to leave her lips.  He asks her if she wants more and instantlyshe begins to protest.

“Master, I can get it.”

“No.  I’ll get it.”

That spoken He rises and refills both their plates.  She watches Him with love in her eyes and realizes He’s not serving her.  Her happiness and bewilderment are serving Him.

He walks over to her and kisses her gently and then lets his lips graze her neck a few moments.  His kisses leave her breathless and she can’t help but whimper when He moves away from her.

Putting how she feels into words is impossible.  I should know.  I’m her.  Explaining the wonderment and excitement I feel when you look at me, when you touch me, watching a smile spread across your face, it’s unimaginable.  Master that night left me feeling such amazing, limitless, unexplainable feelings.

The only nights that come close are the night you gave me your collar and the night you made me your wife.  I love you with all my heart.

Love always and forever,
Your slave

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