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June 12th, 2003

FictionIconShe lays on her master’s bed with her nose stuck in a book. As usual, she’s so completely absorbed in the fantasy land of the novel that she is oblivious to her surroundings. He stands in the door way watching, waiting for her to look up. He lets his eyes trail the length of her body starting from the top of her head.

He admires the way her sensual body curls protectively around the book almost like a cat playing with it’s toy. Her knees drawn almost to her chest making her beautiful ass protrude more than usual. Her back arches outward, one arm serving as a head rest, the other holding the book open. She is curled almost affectionately around her treasure, relaxed but seemingly ready to pounce should anyone try to disturb it.

His eyes follow the length of her waist length hair. She has it in a ponytail so as to keep it out of her way so she can better serve him and right now it has slid over her shoulder and drapes across the tops of her breasts. He admires the red tint the light has given the strands. But it can never seem to decide what color it wants to be. Sometimes mousy brown, sometimes a beautiful golden color, and other times it has gorgeous red highlights depending on how the light hits it.

He follows the line of her forehead to her blue eyes. They can change as well. Sometimes, it seems, with her mood. From a stormy grey to a lovely blue-green. Right now they are a brilliant blue and moving swiftly as they study the page capturing the meaning of each word. He grins as he notices the childlike sparkle gleaming in them. He loves watching her fall into such rapture when she’s reading. It’s as if she’s never seen a grey cloud in her life.

His eyes trace her nose to her lips. They’re magnificent. Not too thin. Not too thick. Then he thinks about the tongue hiding inside that experienced mouth and the wonders it works on his flesh. Be it his back or his cock, that tongue can always tease him to erection and torment him to the point of no return. Entrapped by her almost perfect teeth and those beautiful lips, that tongue definitely knows just how to move and where to touch.

He lets his eyes spill over her chin to her neck and rest on the collars there. One is a large black leather collar with silver studs. Obviously a dog collar, it has a ring for her leash and is mostly only worn around the house. The other is less evident. A thin silver chain with a silver hand shaped pendant resting just between her breasts, this is the true symbol of her submission to him. He slips into fond memory:

They had just finished a conversation about her alleged interest in submission. She said it intrigued her…. but only in the bedroom. It somewhat caught him off guard since when they first met her response to his interest was “Even you can’t dominate the dominant.” She
still expressed her distaste for a collar, though not in so many words.

She stood next to Him talking to his housemate’s son. They were plotting against him, he knew, but he really wasn’t paying much attention to what they were saying. He knew she would never do anything truly mean to him. The boy strategically placed himself between him and his girlfriend. She was all smiles.

“Can I look at your necklace? Just for a second. I’ll give it back.”

He looked down at the boy trying to look perturbed. “I guess.”

He handed the aforementioned necklace over with a smile knowing it would be hell to get it back. The boy looked at it for a second and then handed it to the girl. She promptly unfastened the clasp, put the necklace around her neck and fastened it beneath her hair.

“I never said I would give it back.” she said with a smile.

His only thought? “She’s collared.”

Slowly he brings himself back to the present, a broad smile on his face. In the end, she begged for the collar. And here she was. His beautiful slave. The road has been rough, but they are finally getting somewhere. Tomorrow is the second anniversary of her official collaring.

Earlier she was nearly bouncing off the walls with excitement, although one couldn’t tell by her demeanor now.

She knows he’s standing there. She always knows when he comes into the room. She also knows what he wants. It’s time to try on the outfit
he ordered for her for tomorrow. She can hardly believe it. Can hardly contain her excitement. Two years. They’ve been together for two years.

She goes on acting oblivious trying desperately to hide the smile that is trying to reveal itself. She feels his eyes on her and tries frantically to keep her cheeks from betraying her excitement. She loves when he watches her. She can almost feel his desire as he traces her body with his eyes.

She feels a familiar warmth growing between her legs and tries to calm herself down. It would do no good to get the new outfit all wet if it didn’t fit. She forces herself to pay attention to her book for a few moments more while his eyes follow the curves of her body.

He let’s his eyes continue on their decent, resting momentarily on her large breasts and then following the folds of her stomach to her pussy and then down her thighs and calves, finally taking in her feet. Just as he begins to retrace the path his eyes made on her body he notices her head lift.

“Have you been there long?”

“No. Not too long.”

“Did you need something, Master?”

“It’s time for you to try on your outfit for tomorrow.” He smiles at her as she momentarily let’s her excitement show and stuffs the bookmark in between the pages she is reading. He glances at the bookmark and immediately recognizes the butterflies.

“I can’t believe you still have that.”

She looks up at him confused. “Master, I still have everything You’ve bought me. I thought you knew that!”

“No, slave. I didn’t.”

She crawls off the bed, lowers herself to her knees and crawls to the trunk Master allows her for all her treasures. Slowly, she raises the lid and reaches inside. Her tiny hand comes over the side of the trunk and he notices what is clasped in it and smiles. A ragged piece of black leather that still has a few silver studs barely hanging on that has obviously seen more wear than it was made for. It’s missing the buckle
and the d-ring was torn off in a vigorous scene (the reason it had to be replaced) but he knows what it is just the same.

“Your first puppy collar?” He smiles down at the girl. “I thought for sure you had thrown that away.”

She shakes her head and reaches into the trunk again. She retrieves a small purple box and hands it to him. He slowly raises the lid and
gasps when he sees what is inside. The missing d-ring, the buckle, and what appears to be every missing stud. He looks down at the girl in awe. She smiles up at him watching his response.

He looks at the trunk wondering what else it holds. This is the one area of privacy he has allowed her. He has no idea what’s inside. She backs away from the trunk gesturing that he should take a look. He does and is rendered speechless at what he sees. There are small boxes, bags and envelopes. All look to be rather expensive and made to hold objects that are greatly cherished. Everything is organized neatly and all of it is little memories from the past two years. He knew she had been collecting the boxes and bags but had no idea what
they were for or where they had been disappearing to.

“May I?”

She nods, smiling happily. He delves into the trunk lifting box after box, looking inside and being careful to replace them exactly as she had them. One box is filled with keys to old apartments and cars. Another holds trinkets he purchased that eventually wore out. One
holds the many chains they have gone through for the collar she wears when in public. Stickers, cards, dried flowers…. the array of things she has saved is astonishing.

He lifts a piece of plastic from atop one of the larger boxes and notices it is a laminated long stemmed peach rose and a small bunch
of lavender baby’s breath. As he looks at the flower he slips into memory again:

A long stemmed peach rose. Those, she had said, were her favorite roses. Even finding just one was proving to be difficult. He wanted a dozen. It was their anniversary after all and he wanted it to be perfect. He had found one and passed it up. It was wilting. Now he was afraid he should have bought it. No one had peach roses.

He walked into the last florist he had been able to find on the net and there they were. The most perfect bouquet of roses he had ever seen.
And they were all peach. With lavender baby’s breath. Shocked at the price, he lifted the flower’s from the bucket and strode to the counter determined to hackle with the florist. The man behind the counter spun around with a smile and mumbled something about finally meeting someone with taste and Master forgot completely about trying to reduce the price.

“What do you mean someone with taste?”

“Well aside from blue roses, without dye these are some of the rarest roses around. And no one ever buys them. I get them in, set up a
few bouquets, and end up having to throw them all out. Whoever you are buying these for should be extremely appreciative.”

“My wife. And she will be, I’m sure. Especially once I tell her the trouble I went to to find genuine peach roses. Did you know that you are the only store that has them? Everywhere else offered to dye them for me. None had real ones.”

“Your wife has excellent taste.”

Master smiled and nodded his agreement, handed the man his money and turned to walk out the door. He climbed into his car and headed home. He walked into the house and placed the flowers in a vase on the table with a card he had purchased earlier. He walked to the bedroom and saw his girl sitting on the bed smiling. He grasped her leash and led her on her hands and knees to the kitchen.

All the way she kept her eyes on the floor. Master put His finger beneath her chin and raised her head. A smile spread across her
face and a tear rolled silently down her cheek. He lifted the card and handed it to her. She opened it slowly and read the words inside. A slow torrent of tears flowed down her face. He smiled happily and kissed her tears away.

Once again drifting back to reality, he looks at his slave and smiles. She pulls out a box lined in lavender velvet on the outside and opens it. The inside is lined with silk. Contained within are the petals to every flower he has ever given her as well as the rest of the little bunches of baby’s breath that were in the bouquet of peach roses. He smiles to himself and replaces the box where she took it from.

“Little girl, you amaze me more each day.”

She smiles happily and reaches for her leash. She hands it to Master and he snaps it onto her collar. He found with growing realization that the leash is more a sense of security to her. She loves the symbolism involved in wearing a leash that he keeps hold of. But more so, it makes her feel secure. It makes her feel like he cares enough to keep her close and make sure she doesn’t get lost.

He leads her on all fours to the den. Sshe keeps her eyes on the floor. He reaches down and unhooks the leash. Then he grasps her hand and helps her to her feet. She turns to face the other person in the room. She smiles brightly at the woman and embraces her with a smile.

“Thank you so much for agreeing to make this for us.”

“Oh it’s no problem sweet pea. It’s my pleasure.”

She steps into the lavender pants and finds herself hoping they fit. The outfit is made of satin and a very sheer material. The pants are
similar to harem pants with bells sewn to the waist and ankles. The satin conforms nicely to her ass but the legs are sheer. The top is made of the same materials and the sleeves are sheer as well. There are bells sewn at the wrists.

She pulls the top on and adjusts her breasts. She looks at herself in the mirror and flushes a deep red. The tops of her breasts protrude from the shirt and her stomach is left bare. The pants sit very low on her hips. She’s surprised they even stay up and is afraid to move for fear they won’t. Master walks up behind her and runs his hands over her body then steps back and admires his slave’s reflection.


She slowly turns as the pair watches. She catches Master’s erection in the mirror and smiles to herself. Master smiles and turns to their friend.

“It’s perfect. Thank you so much. How much do I owe you?”

“Nothing. It’s an anniversary gift.” She gathers her things and walks out of the house without so much as a word so that he can’t argue with her.

He stands staring after her in awe for a second and then turns to his slave. “Well, strip.”

She reaches behind her and unzips the top and slides it over her skin slowly and sensuously. Then she slowly slides the pants over her hips careful to bend at the waist and poke her ass at Master. He reaches out and swats her ass and gently pushes her to the floor. He clips her leash to the collar and leads her to her kennel. He pats her head as she crawls inside and then shuts the door and bolts it behind her.

She smiles up at him and he puts his hand against the cage. She licks it happily and then curls in a little ball on the pad in the kennel. She lifts her head and looks around for her teddy bear. It’s nap time. She grasps her teddy bear and snuggles up with her. He watches her and his heart swells with pride. She’s his. All his. Forever.

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