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The Stranger

May 5th, 2003

bondageI lay on our bed watching T.V. and glance at the clock on the stand. I realize that you are running extremely late and begin to get worried. I grab the cordless phone and dial your cell. I hear the familiar sound of your voice and begin to relax.

“Hello, little girl. What seems to be the problem?”

“No problem, Master. I was just worried is all. You’re running late and when you didn’t call…”

“Do I always have to call you when I’m running late?” You interrupt me, your voice growing ominous.

“No, Master, but…”

“Then why the sudden concern?”

“I’m always concerned for you, Master.”

“Mm hmm… well, I’m going to be later than I expected. What are you doing?”

“Watching T.V.”

“What are you wearing?”


“Don’t ‘Master?’ me, slut. I asked you a question. Answer it.”

“You just caught me off guard, Master. Sorry. That’s no excuse.” I glance down at my body as if I have forgotten what I threw on this morning. “A t-shirt and sweatpants, Master.”

“That’ll never do. I have company coming this evening. Change.”

“Into what, Master?”

“Hmmm… oh, I know. Put on your school girl outfit. Don’t forget the matching ribbons. And pig tails. And make up. I want you to look like quite the little slut so red lipstick. And paint your nails as well.”

“Master? Are you sure?”

“Don’t question me, bitch. Just do as you’re told.”

“Yes, Master.”

“And, slave.”

“Yes, Master?”

“Promise you won’t ever question how much I love you.”

I stare into the mirror quizzically. “I promise, Master.”

“I’ll see you when I get home. Make some kind of finger food for our guests and leave it in the fridge. I’m not sure what time they’ll be there. I just hope it’s after I get home. I love you, little girl.”

“I love you too, Master. I can’t wait to see you. Hurry home, ok?”

“I’ll try, baby. Bye.”


More confused than I have ever been, I rise from the bed and walk to the closet. I pull out my tiny pleated gray and black skirt and a white button down shirt that ties at the waist. I grab a white lace bra and decide against underwear. You did, after all, say you wanted me to look like a slut. I walk to the dresser and rummage through my top draw to find two black pony tail holders and black ribbons. I strip the sweatpants and t-shirt from my body and decide to make the hors d’oeuvres and then take a shower.

Iwalk to the kitchen and put a pot of water on the stove. Deviled eggs and crackers and cheese will work. I walk to the fridge and grab a
dozen eggs and cheddar and pepper jack cheese. After I put the eggs in the water, I begin to cut pieces of cheese big enough to go on crackers and search the fridge for pepperoni. I find an unopened package and spread it on the plate with the cheese, wrap it in saran wrap and slide it into the fridge. I have five more minutes till the eggs are done so I stroll into the bathroom and riffle through my make up
to decide what shade of eye shadow to wear and which red lipstick and fingernail polish.

I walk back to the kitchen, having made my choice, and strain the eggs. I sit them under the cold water to let them cool and then pad into the bathroom to take a shower. I wash and condition my hair and then lather my body with lavender body wash. I carefully shave my legs, pussy and underarms being careful to leave no stubble anywhere. Then I step out of the shower and rub lotion into my skin. I
spritz lavender body splash all over my body, apply my make up and then head to the kitchen to finish the eggs.

Once the eggs are finished, I walk to the bedroom, close the door and look at the clothes I laid on the bed. Something is missing. I walk to the dresser and pull out my thigh high tights and then walk to the closet and grab my platform Mary Janes. I sit on the bed and slip the tights up my legs. The tops of them rest just below the hem of my skirt showing about two inches of thigh. I slide into my bra and shimmy the skirt up my thighs. I walk to the mirror and begin on my hair. I turn my back to the bedroom door and just as I’m tying my shirt at the waist I hear the front door open.

“In here, Master. I was just finishing up. Have your guests arrived yet? I’ll be in in just a minute to set out the crackers and cheese.”

No reply.

“I missed You today. How was work?”

Still no reply.



Ilaugh at myself, deciding that I was hearing things and noone came through the door after all. You often chide me about being paranoid. I go back to readying myself sliding the shoes on and appraise my appearance in the mirror. I decide I am presentable and start to turn around when I notice the bedroom door is no longer closed. I grab my brush off the dresser and spin to inspect the room. Seeing no
one, I venture into the hall looking first to the left.


I feel a hand clap over my mouth and try to turn to face the person behind me. I am met only with darkness as a leather blindfold is slapped over my eyes. I swing my arms in the general direction of my assailant trying to hit them with the brush in my hand. They catch my hand and wrench the brush free and then twist my arm behind my back. I yelp in pain and then begin to whimper as I try to struggle to free my wrist from their grasp.

“Shut up you fucking whore. You know you like it,” a man’s voice. Something is oddly familiar about it but in my plight I can’t figure out just what.

I feel my body being spun to face the bedroom. As if I was in denial before, I suddenly realize what is going on. I frantically try to remember if I relocked the door after taking out the garbage. Not that it matters now, obviously, because whoever this is has already gotten past the locks. I begin to struggle with a new zeal as I realize where they are pushing me. I decide that I am not beyond begging.

“Please! Please don’t do this! Please! What do you want? I’ll give you anything. Money? Jewelry? You can even have my car if you like. I’m sure Massss… umm… I’m sure my husband won’t…”

“You were going to say Master, huh, you little slut? Well, I guess I lucked out, huh? Not only did I find a little rich cunt willing to offer anything to protect her holes, but she’s submissive as well. Well, little one, let’s see how well you listen.”

I begin to shake my head. “Please! Please, you don’t understand. I can’t… I will not do as you say. I’m not yours. Please! Take anything you want. Anything! Except me. Please!”

“Ah, but you don’t seem to understand, little one. You are exactly what I want. Nothing else.”

Tears are flowing freely down my face and I begin to struggle again.

“You might as well give up. You’ll never get away from me.”

At this I struggle harder, determined to at least loosen his grip. I am still on my feet and kick back as hard as I can only to lose my balance and fall face first onto the bed. The sudden movement frees my hands, though, and I claw my way to freedom only to feel my ankles caught in his vice-like grip. I try to kick my legs and find that I can barely move them against his strength.

“Please let me go. Please! I’ll do anything.”

“You’ll do anything anyway. Or die.”

I feel his knees on the backs of my legs and try to buck him off. His weight crushes me to the bed as he quickly locks my hands to the headboard with the cuffs that you so carefully attached for just this use. I begin to sob realizing I have lost my battle. He lifts himself off my legs to lock them to the footboard and I begin to kick wildly. I hear him grunt as one of my flailing legs catches him in an extremely sensitive place.

“You’re going to pay for that, bitch.”

He catches one of my legs and wrestles it to the bed with ease locking the cuff around it. I begin kicking the other with more vehemence and bucking as hard as I can. I know it is useless. You have locked me in this same spot and no matter how hard tried I was stuck. I
feel his hand slide around my waist and lift my stomach and cunt off the bed. Then something that I can only guess is a pillow slips between me and the mattress raising my ass and cunt to give him full access. When that’s finished, he wrestles my other leg to the mattress
and cuffs it to the footboard.

“You fucking sorry psycho sick freak. I hope your fucking dick rots off. I hope they catch you and Big Bubba rapes you
till your ass hole’s the size of Texas. I hope he makes you suck his dick and swallow. I hope…” a rubber bladder is stuffed in my mouth and inflated to the point of discomfort.

“I told you to shut up.”

I try to scream but it only comes out as a muffled whimper. I twist and turn in my binds trying to figure a way out of them. I hear him going through drawers in the dressers and then hear the unmistakable sound of your toy trunk opening. I freeze. All the things that you use to bring me pleasure and pain are in there. I renew my struggle to speak but can’t form my pleas around the bladder. The smell of freshly oiled leather wafts to my nose and I begin shaking my head.

I feel the first strike of the crop on my upper thighs. I cry out in protest and try to avoid the next blow but cannot anticipate where it will land. I feel his hand slide up under my skirt and over my ass pushing the skirt out of the way. He then launches an attack on my ass that I have never felt before. He beats me so severely that I know I won’t be able to sit comfortably for weeks.

Then I feel it. The warm wet trickle that can only mean he has broken skin. Already I am bleeding and it has only been a few minutes. I now know what it is like to be in fear for my life. I am going to die this night. But I will not give in. I begin to writhe in fear.

He rips my shirt from my body and unhooks my bra, sliding it as far up my arms as it will go. He realizes that my skirt is held closed only with three small buttons and wrenches them free. I feel the crop come down on my back and fear he will paralyze me with the extremity of his blows. It stops.

I try to catch my breath and listen to what he is doing. He’s back at the toy trunk. I feel my body shivering involuntarily and dread what is next. The bed bounces slightly as he drops an armload of toys on the mattress beside my head. I smell a cacophony of fragrances, the most prominent being leather. One is rubber and another is latex. I hear the distinctive clink of the chain connecting the clamps to your favorite toy. The zipper.

I whimper loudly hoping he will not use it. Silently begging him to realize that he is using something that doesn’t belong to him and go away. I realize that all hopes of him just leaving are futile as I feel him push me on my side as best he can and attach the first clamp to my left nipple. I resolve to praying that you will come home and rescue me.

He begins another assault on my back and thighs. With what, I am not sure at first, for I have never felt it before. Realization sweeps over me as I recognize its shape. He is beating me with a cane. The pain becomes too great and I black out.

When I come to, iI am still bound to our bed but something is different. I lay there trying to take in all the sensations that are washing over me and realize that I am alone in the room and am now on my back instead of my stomach. My hands are cuffed to the swivel in the
center of the headboard and my legs are bound to what feels like a spreader which in turn is obviously bound to the swivel on the foot board. And my orifices are all filled. My mouth still holds the bladder, but in my cunt is a vibrator and in my ass a large plug. They both switch on simultaneously and I understand he has found your remote control toys.

But something is weird. I hear voices.

I begin trying to scream but my voice comes out more as a harsh whimper from all the screaming I did earlier. He returns to the room.

“You heard your guests I see. I told them that I am the caterer and that the two of you are running late. They’ll be back in an hour or two. Nice to see you are awake.”

He resumes his assault. This time he is using the flogger. My body is no longer registering the attack as painful and I am ashamed of the response. I refuse to let it show on my face but know that there is a puddle growing beneath my cunt. I feel his fingers playing with my clit and let out an involuntary moan.

“I knew you’d eventually give in. What’s going to happen is inevitable. Why not enjoy your fate?”

I try to spit back a hot retort and remember the bladder paralyzing my mouth. I pull on my binds to test the strength of them and find that I am no less stuck. He flips me on my stomach and I feel the crop again, this time on my cunt. It jars the vibrator and it is all I can do not to cum. He yanks the plug out of my ass and replaces it with his cock. I begin to buck and manage to force his cock
out of my ass. This is rewarded with ten hard blows from a leather strap.

He plunges back into my ass, harder this time, and I wiggle him out again. He swears under his breath and launches all out war with my back, my cunt, my thighs, my ass. There’s no part of my back side that he doesn’t hit. I am sobbing but it is coming out as soft hoarse moans.

“Fucking take what is coming to you, whore.”

He once again plunges into my ass and I am too sore to try and fight. I have finally given up. He fucks my ass, each thrust harder than the
one before. I feel as if his cock will rip me ass to navel. He rips the vibrator out of my cunt and his cock out of my ass. I groan at the sudden emptiness I feel and arch my body to try and force him into an opening. I feel a warm liquid cover my back and sting my wounds and then all is silent. The only weight on the bed is my own. He is no longer there.

A few moments later I feel hands in my pussy again. Probing my hole and flicking my clit. The more I try to move away the more persistent the hands become. And my cunt is full again. This time with his cock. I cry out with each thrust. The agony is almost unbearable. My clit begins to throb. A warm sensation I know only too well comes over my body. The familiar tingling warmth right before climax begins to build in my pussy. I fight with everything in me, holding back as long as I can.

“Cum for me, little girl. Show your master how grateful you are. Show me how much you love my cock.”

His voice no longer menacing, I know who it belongs to. Incredulous, I am confused. I am not sure whether to continue fighting or
to let go.

“Come on, you little whore. Cum for me. It’s ok, little girl. Everything is going to be alright. Cum. Now, slave!”

I surrender. Waves of orgasm overcome my body and I feel your body racked with climax as well. You rip the zipper from my flesh and my orgasm becomes that much more intense. Tears of joy stream down my face with the realization that the man torturing me was my

And then, I remember the guests.

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