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Slave’s Task

April 7th, 2003

WritingAssignmentIconAuthor’s note: I was told to write something for Master that I would find humiliating and degrading and that would make me feel dirty. Of course, humiliation and degradation turn me on so if Master ever did do something like this I would be in heaven.

I stand in the kitchen talking to you on the phone. You are on the way home and refuse to tell me how close you are. I wanted to have
dinner ready for you when you got home but you told me that if I even so much as pulled the meat out of the freezer I would be punished. I shiver as I listen to your voice and imagine your hands on my body. Your body. It belongs to you. Just as everything about me belongs to you. My hand finds its way to your collar and I absently finger the hand shaped pendant that hangs there.

I turn my back to the door and giggle incessantly as we talk about the days ahead. I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and dismiss them as the neighbor. There’s no way you can be home yet. Is there? I hear the key in the lock and spin to face you. Your hand meets my face with a powerful blow and the other fists in my hair. You drag me to the bedroom and toss me, face first, to the bed.

I feel your weight on my back and immediately begin to buck and squirm trying to throw you. You capture one of my hands and I feel the trace of rope go around my wrist quickly. I begin to fight harder, refusing to go into bondage easily this time. You get the rope around my wrist and reach for the other hand. I continue to fight and you wait patiently for me to tire myself out and stop to rest.
i mistake it as forfeit and lie still trying to catch my breath. You see your opportunity and grasp my other hand quickly binding it to the first.

It takes You a while, but finally you capture all four limbs and bind me in such a way that I cannot move but uou have access to any orifice you choose to defile. Next come the blindfold and gag. I feel Your hands on my body. Gentle at first. Trailing up and down my spine. Your fingers tracing the crack of my ass. They slide down and trace the lips that you vigorously claim each night. I hear you whispering something but cannot make out the words. Finally, You are loud enough for me to hear.

“Such a pretty little toy. So nice of her to give herself to me. To be my little fuck toy. With only one purpose. To be a fucking slut. To take whatever she is given with gratitude.”

I begin to tremble realizing my predicament. I am totally helpless. Completely at your mercy. And I know you are not merciful. A whimper escapes my lips, barely audible through the gag.

Your voice is close to my ear now. “What was that, slut?”

I shake my head silently begging you to do what you will and release me from my binds. I’m not afraid, just a little nervous. I know that I will love every minute of it. I know once it is over my anxiety will seem silly. But nevertheless I am anxious.

“Awww. The poor little whore is scared. What’s the matter my little fuck toy? I thought you liked being treated this way.”

I squirm and begin to struggle with the ropes. You begin your slow, soothing caresses again. I stop moving and arch my body to your hands trying to make you slip your fingers inside me. My pussy grows moist as I begin craving to feel you inside me. you remove the gag.

“Not a sound.”

Suddenly your touch changes. It is no longer soothing. No longer gentle. You begin roughly poking and prodding at the places that bring me the most pleasure. The pokes become methodic and I know you are inspecting your slut. You spread my ass cheeks and run your finger through it, staring a long time. Then you spread my lips clicking your tongue at how wet I am. You reach up and begin groping my breasts. Sticking a finger in me now and again, bringing it to my lips and making me lick the juices from it. You do this repeatedly.

Then it is no longer a finger you are probing me with and making me lick clean… it is a vibrator. I realize at that moment that I am not in the least your wife tonight. Nor am I your beloved slave. All I am is a dirty whore. A whore that you have decided to make your fuck
toy. Then I feel the vibrator at the opening of my ass.

I begin shaking my head vehemently whimpering and pleading for you not to do what you are about to do. I feel your hand connect and the vibrator plunge into my ass at the same time.

“I said keep your fucking mouth shut, cunt. Is this not mine with the rest of you?”

I nod and bite my lip to hold back a whimper as you repeatedly slap the back of my head, my back, my ass, my face and continue thrusting the vibrator in and out of my ass. You reach between my legs to feel how wet I am and I can almost hear your smile when you speak.

“I knew you were a fucking slut. This wet over a piece of plastic. I don’t even have to touch you tonight. You could probably cum with only this. What a fucking whore.”

You continue tossing little jabs and I begin to feel the humiliation. I feel like a worthless, disgusting whore and wish for it to be over.
But try as I might, I cannot will myself to be dry. Tears spring to my eyes and I fight with everything in me to hold them back. I
refuse to let you see me cry.

You remove the vibrator and foolishly I think you are done. Then I feel something much larger at the opening of my ass. Without any
regard for pain, you plunge into my ass with all your might. You fuck me hard and fast, going deeper with each thrust. I feel your hand fist in my hair and my head is held fast on its side so that you have clear view of my face. I realize your intention and begin
to struggle against Your grasp.

“What’s the matter, little whore? Don’t you want your Master’s cum?”

I nod.

“Well, it’s on your face or my cock’s going in your mouth.”

I freeze.

“That’s better. Now then. Fuck me. Get that little slut ass going. That’s a good slut.”

I fuck as well as I can with your weight pinning me to the bed. Suddenly you rip yourself out of my ass. I hear your moans as I feel your cum spurting all over my face. You reach between my legs and click your tongue at how wet I am. You drag your fingers through the cum on my face and bring them to my lips. Then you get up, replacethe gag, and walk out of the room.

Ihear the water to the shower begin to run. I am lying there alone in the room. I begin struggling against the ropes again trying to free
myself. I hear the water stop and freeze once more.

“You were trying to get lose, weren’t you?” Your laughter only adds fuel to the fire and I begin squirming against the ropes again.
“You’ll never get out of there so why don’t you just lie still?”

You go to your computer and leave me to wrestle with the ropes.

About forty-five minutes later, I feel your weight on me again. Your hand slides down to my pussy. I hear you gasp as you find it still wet. “You fucking whore. You’re still wet. I thought for sure you’d be dry by now. Well, we’ll just have to see if we can get this cunt any wetter.”

I feel the sting of your belt before I realize it is in your hand. On my ass, my back, my cunt (as best you can). I am moaning through the
gag and arching to meet the belt with every stroke. You stop and run your hands over my body. Smoothing away every bit of pain,
you kiss and caress my body. Then I feel you plunge your cock into my cunt. You begin fucking me hard and slapping my ass
with each thrust. You begin to cum and reach underneath me and begin massaging my clit. You once again climb off me and leave the

I lie on the bed wishing you would return. It’s been a long time and I have no idea where You are. I haven’t heard any movement for what seems like forever. Suddenly I feel my binds being removed and my body slowly being rolled. I am on my back.

Ifeel something warm and wet rubbing my face and realize you are washing the cum off my face. You are ever so gentle and you slide a finger into my cunt again to see if I am still wet. You find that I am and tell me to sit up. You lie beside me and guide me on top of you. You put the head of your cock to my hole and plunge into me as hard as you can. I whimper and you ask what’s wrong. I shake my head and slowly begin to fuck You.

Gradually I speed up and I rise quickly to climax. You grab my hips and force me to sit still. I whimper louder this time and you let out a low laugh. You bring your hands to my breasts and begin groping them again. I begin to fuck again, slowly this time, and just as quickly rise to climax. You once again grasp my hips and force me to stop.

“You will cum when I say you can, slut.”

I nod and begin fucking at a medium pace and quicker still rise to climax. You grasp my hips and begin to suck on my breasts. You begin
pumping your hips and mine and bring me to the edge. I know I can hold on no longer and try to stop but you force me to keep going.

“Cum, slut, because I can hold on no longer.”

I cum harder than I have ever came before and you cum as well. Our bodies convulse in orgasm almost completely in sync with each other. Finally, I collapse on your chest and you wrap your arms around me.

“You have pleased me this night, little girl.”

“And that is my job. I love You Master.”

“I love you too, slave.”

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