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Exquisite Torture

March 6th, 2003

bondageI lay on my back on the bed staring at the ceiling day dreaming about you and wishing you were home. I think of all that happened in the first months we were together and wish I could turn back time and do things right. I turn everything over in my mind wishing I could find a way to make you see that this stupid slave can be your perfect little girl.

I glance at the clock and see that I have only thirty minutes to prepare for your arrival home. I leap from the bed and begin rushing to cook your meal and ready the house for your return. As the Shrimp Alfredo is simmering, I rush to the bedroom with an idea.

I strip every bit of clothing off my body and lift the spare key to the closet from its place on the wall. I then open the door and turn on the light. To the left, hanging on the wall, is a large array of floggers, crops and one whip that you won’t use because we haven’t gone to see Lauren yet. I run my hands down the whip, wondering what it would feel like on my flesh, knowing it would sting a great deal. Then I lift two of your favorite floggers from their hooks and slowly, reluctantly grasp a crop. I think about only laying out the floggers but decide that you would be aware of my selfish intentions and be disappointed.

I sigh heavily, “Ah well. It’s not that bad. And maybe Master won’t even want to beat me tonight.”

A bit of wishful thinking on my part. I lift the crop from its place on the wall and look down at the toy box. I think to myself what a shame it is that you have the only key as there are other things I would like to lay out for you. I walk out of the closet and lay the floggers and the crop side by side on the bed, the floggers’ tassels extended to their full length. Then I return to the closet and lift my collar and leash from their rightful places on the wall.

I pull my hair into a tight pony tail so that it will not get in the way. As I fasten my collar around my neck and clip the leash to the ring on my collar, I walk into the kitchen to stir the alfredo. To my surprise, you are standing in the doorway smiling.

“Hello, little girl.”

I fall instantly to my knees, clasp my hands behind my back, and glue my eyes to the floor. “Welcome home, Master. I’ve missed you.”

I hear a low laugh escape your lips and glance up sheepishly. You smile down at me approvingly and gesture toward the simmering pasta on the stove. I spring to my feet and stir the alfredo. I turn to you to tell you that dinner is almost ready and you touch a finger to my lips. I open the oven and remove a hot tray of garlic bread and set it on the burner that I am not using. I shut off the oven and the burner the pasta is on and follow you into the bedroom.

You see the bed and turn to smile at me. “So, do I assume you are my little pain slut tonight or that you just wish to please your Master tonight?”

A slow smile plays on my lips as I ask with my eyes for permission to answer you. You stare at me, eyes filled with confusion, when suddenly realization spreads over your face.

“Answer me, slave.” You gently order with a smile.

“A little of both, Master.” I blush and lower my eyes to the floor.

“Silly little slut. Can you think of nothing else but getting fucked? Always have to get that little cunt of yours wet. What if I don’t want to fuck tonight?”

I hold my gaze and turn a deeper shade of red refusing to respond without permission. As I search for something to say, should I be given permission, I become flustered and sigh loudly.

“Do you have something to say, cunt?”

I shake my head and frown, disappointed that I do not have a response.

“Good. Help me get these damned clothes off.”

I start to unbutton your shirt and slowly slip it off your shoulders. Then I slip to my knees and unhook your belt. I unbutton and unzip your pants and untie your shoes. I slide your pants to your knees and wait patiently for you to sit down. When you do, I remove your shoes and glance at you to see if you wish me to remove your socks. You nod, and I take them off. Then I slide your pants the rest of the way off.

I kneel at your feet waiting for my next order and you gesture for me to go. I rise and walk into the kitchen. I quietly remove a plate and glass from the cabinet and a fork from the drawer. I fill the plate with pasta, the glass with tea, and slide the fork on the plate. I then grab a napkin and carry the plate and glass in to you. I kneel beside you and bow my head waiting for you to take them from me. You do and then pat me on the head letting me know I can go fix my own plate.

I bring my food into the bedroom and sit on the floor beside you to eat watching carefully to see if you need anything. I realize I have forgotten the garlic salt and Parmesan cheese and rush to the kitchen to get them. As I walk back to the bedroom, I begin thinking about what may happen this night. Lost in thought, I forget to kneel when I hand you the items I am carrying. You pull back your hand and I
fall to my knees quickly. To no avail. I feel the sting of your slap and wait for another.

“To busy day dreaming to know your place, bitch?”

Keeping my eyes on the floor and fighting the tears threatening to spill out over my lashes, I shake my head wishing I had not been so absent minded. your hand flies again and my head snaps back with the force of the blow. No longer able to hold them back, I let the tears slide silently over my lashes. Again, your hand flies and I bite back a whimper.

“Do not forget again.” You thrust your glass at me with these words.

I rise and walk to the kitchen, chastising myself for being so stupid. I fill your glass with trembling hands, careful not to spill a drop. Slowly, trying to calm my nerves, I slip back into the bedroom. I lower myself to my knees and hold your glass up to you. You stare down at me, a look of disapproval on your face.

“You’ve had your new rules for six months now. I will not tolerate this obvious lack of interest in them. I guess I was right. You are one of those little cunts that just has to be beat once in a while to stay in line.”

I grimace at this last remark and hang my head. You snatch the glass from my hands and push me away. I crawl to my plate and finish my meal. Once you are finished, I jump to clear your plate. You grab my wrist as I turn to leave.

“Did you make dessert, slave?”

I nod.

“Bring me some.”

I nod and walk quickly out of the room. I dish up a piece of warm apple pie and put a dollop of vanilla ice cream on it, slide a fork on to the plate, and grab a clean napkin. I slowly walk back into the room, kneel once again, and wait patiently for you to take your plate. You do, and then smile at me.

You reach for your pants and lift them of the floor. You slip your hand into your pocket and bring out a small chain. Attached to it are two keys. One is to the toy box. I don’t recognize the second. You hand me the keys and laugh at my confusion.

“You’ll see what it unlocks soon enough, girl. Go and get your leather binds and put them on. Ankles and wrists. And the spreader. Find the silver clamps, their chain and the weights. your largest plug, the clothespins, a ball gag, a blindfold, a white candle and leave the toy box open so I don’t have to fumble with the lock if I decide I want something else.”

I remove the key to the closet from its place for the second time this evening and move to the door. With exaggerated sluggishness, I unlock the door and move inside. I turn on the light and kneel in front of the toy box. Suddenly the door slams shut behind me. I hear your laughter as I beg you to let me out.

“Do as you’re told. I’ll let you out in a minute. I have some things to tend to.”

I try not to panic (I’m slightly claustrophobic) and focus on my task. I unlock the toy box, leaving the key in the lock, and begin rummaging through its items looking for the specific ones you asked for. I find my cuffs first and snap them into place, first my wrists and then my ankles. I start to wonder about the second key and realize I am letting myself get side tracked again and try to focus on what I am doing.

The spreader is easy to find as it is tucked in the corner of the closet. I search through the few plugs of various sizes and decide which was the biggest. I wonder if you want the entire bag of clothespins and decide that since you didn’t specify I would get the entire bag. I find a purple gag and matching blindfold and the clamps at the same time. I have to search for the chain and weights because for some reason they are not with the clamps. I realize there are no candles in the box, and they are all in the dresser so I have found everything. I kneel waiting patiently for you to open the closet door.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, I hear the key in the lock. You open the door and smile down at me. You grasp the lose end of my leash and I drop to all fours. You lead me to the side of the bed and fasten the leash to a hook on the bed frame. I rise to my knees and clasp my hands behind my back keeping my eyes lowered.

You return to the closet to pick up the things I fished out of the box and bring them to a table you have set up beside the bed. You begin arranging them on the table and, when you get to the clamps, turn and face me. I begin to quiver with anticipation as I watch you attach the chain and a small weight to each clamp. You grin and turn your back to me again. Confusion overcomes me until I see what you are retrieving.

Suddenly I am plunged into blackness as you cover my eyes with the blindfold. I feel you roughly stuff the gag in my mouth and pull the strap down over the back of my head. Next, you grab my hands and put them in front of me. I hear something click and test my bindings realizing you have locked my wrists together somehow. Then I feel the squeeze of the clamps on my nipples, first the right, then the left, as my nipples are tugged down by the burden of the weights.

I hear another click as you disengage my leash and tug on it forcing me to stand. You pull on the leash and I walk forward. All of a sudden, I feel your hands shove me hard. I brace myself and manage to keep my balance. You let out a low growl (“Bitch.”) and shove me again, harder this time. I can no longer hold myself up and fall face first on the bed.

I feel your hands on me, roughly positioning my body the way you want it. You yank my hands over my head and I hear another click as you lock them in place to an eyelet on the headboard. I feel the weight of your body as you quickly sit on my legs so that I can’t move them. Then I hear another lock snapping into place, and another. my legs are secured to the spreader bar. Finally, I hear the sound of rope threading through the loop in the middle of the spreader and then feel your weight shift as you reach to secure the spreader bar to the foot board.

I lay very still and try to calm my breathing so that you don’t hear how aroused I am. I feel you climb off the bed and strain to hear your movements. I can’t tell where you are or if you are still in the room. Then I hear the crop fly through the air.

I feel the sting on my back as you bring the crop down again and again. I bite down hard on the gag
trying not to make a sound. The blows of the crop move down my back over my ass and to my inner thighs. I restrain feelings of relief knowing that just because you aren’t yet beating my cunt doesn’t mean you won’t.

I no longer hear the whistle of the crop through the air, nor do I feel its kiss on my flesh. I slowly
relax for a moment when I hear you riffling through the objects on the table. I feel your weight on the bed again and the brush of your thigh. You are in between my legs. I become puzzled and all too suddenly realize why you are there as I feel the menacing little clamp tighten on my clit.

I feel you slide something into my cunt and realize it is the plug. You begin moving it in and out
of my cunt and then pull it out and shove it into my ass. I whimper quietly but it is lost in your laughter. You have never used this plug before and it rips my ass hole open. I try to beg you to take it out but all that comes out is a series of grunts and moans.

“What’s that, slut? I can’t hear you.”

Your laughter rings in my ears and I begin thrashing against my binds. You laugh harder and sit on my ass.

“You better hold it in with all that thrashing, little girl. I’d hate to see what happens to a disobedient slave that seems to have so little care for her Master’s wishes.”

I freeze.

“Now then, if I have your full attention?”

I nod quickly and lay very still. You climb off the bed once again and begin rummaging through the items on the table. I strain to hear, hoping to know what comes next before it actually rapes my flesh. You trail something smooth and leather over my face and I realize it is one of the floggers. I feel it tracing an unseen line down the curve of my back. Hoping you’ll be nice, I brace myself against the blows I know are to come.

I feel the flogger leave my skin and then come down with a gentle strike. I bite back a giggle knowing that it will anger you but you didn’t miss the grin even through the gag.

“Bitch! How dare you laugh at me! No more love taps.”

I feel the flogger again this time much harder. It keeps coming. On my back, my thighs, my ass. I never know where to expect the next lash. I feel it trailing along the insides of my thighs, tracing the line of my cunt and then the crack of my ass.

I feel the crop again. First on my back, then my thighs. I whimper softly and begin to become used to the pattern. A mistake on my part, I realize as I feel it smack my cunt. Another blow. And another. Harder and faster they come. I try to cry out but all that is heard is a muffled moan.

“What’s the matter, slut?”

I silence myself, hoping that soon you will stop. As soon as I let the thought pass through my mind, I feel something else hitting my cunt. Something rougher and less forgiving. Immediately I wish for the crop again. I hate your belt. You move to my ass and the backs of my thighs. Tears are flowing freely at this point and I am gulping back sobs.

Finally, the blows stop.

I feel your hands on me gently soothing the angry welts that have risen on my ass and thighs. I think that you have exhausted Yourself and begin to relax. I realize that I have been clenching my fists and slowly open my sore hands. I feel your finger tracing the lips of my cunt and then thrust inside.

“And as usual, you are dripping. Such a good little whore.”

I try to push my cunt further in to your hand, but you remove it. I smell melting wax. For the first time, I notice the rough cloth of the blanket we bought for just this purpose beneath me. I feel a hot drip of wax hit my back and decide this won’t be so bad. I snuggle into the blanket and enjoy the sensations of the wax coating my back. I feel it dripping on my ass and thighs. Then on my cunt. I cry out at the heat on the already tender flesh.

You turn me onto my back, having to flip each part of my body separately because of my binds. I feel the clothespins biting into the flesh around the bottom of my nipples, five on each breast. I writhe against the pain trying to make them fall off. It is to no avail. They are firmly attached.

CRACK! I feel the belt across the tops of my thighs. I feel it on my cunt, my stomach, the tops of my tits. I cry out silently begging you to stop. The assault on my upper half ceases but you continue beating my cunt. Harder and harder, the blows come quickly.

I am crying again and by now the blindfold is soaked. You remove it from my eyes and tell me to watch you. I do and you grab a string you have attached to the clothespins and rip them off my breasts. You tug on the chain between the clamps and decide to tighten them. Then you reach between my legs and tighten the clamp there.

“How you holding up, slave? Can you take more?”

I nod, not wanting to disappoint you.

“Not much more though, huh?”

I slowly shake my head.

“Ok, baby. You are doing so well.”

I smile around the gag. You begin to beat me with the crop again and I jump with each blow. You reach down and free my nipples from the clamps and beat them with the crop. I whimper each time the crop hits my sore nipples. I let my eyes drop and for the first time, realize that you are naked. You grin, drop the crop beside the bed, and bring your lips to my nipples. You lick and suck my nipples, relieving some of the pain.

Your hand slides down between my legs and I feel you tugging on the clamp. And then I feel you free my clit of it. I let out a sigh of relief and then a gasp of pleasure as you lean down and capture it in your mouth. A couple of flicks with your tongue and I’m ready to cum. You work your way back up to my face and touch your lips to mine.

I feel the tip of your cock touching my cunt and silently beg you to slide into me. You climb up onto my chest and begin fucking my mouth. I moan with disappointment and you wrap my tits around your cock. I feel you pounding into the back of my throat as you fuck my tits and my mouth. I begin sucking fervently, hoping that soon my efforts will be rewarded.

Just as I think you have decided to cum right where you are, you slide back down my body and plunge your cock into my cunt. I bite back a scream and try to relax. The pain and pleasure is so overwhelming I am afraid I will cum.

“Want to cum for me, slut?”

I nod.

“Cum, little girl. Cum now.”

I give in and my body becomes racked with orgasm. I cry out with each spasm as my cunt is pushed onto your cock harder each time. I cannot decide if I want it to stop so the pain will stop or if I want it to continue so the pleasure will continue.

I open my eyes to look at you and I see the glaze of climax coming over your eyes as well. Then I feel your body bucking against mine. Our bodies writhe as one and finally collapse.

You roll to the side and I whimper as your cock slides out of me. You release my hands and feet and take the gag out of my mouth. I feel you gently pulling the plug out of my ass and let out a small sigh of relief. You get up and walk out of the room and I lay there dazed wondering where you are going.

I barely notice your return as I am still so far gone. You gently clean my cunt with a wash cloth and then quickly survey my flesh for broken skin. When you see that there is none, you climb into bed with me. You wrap your arms around me and pull me to you. I am already asleep and you soon follow.

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