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Innocence Revoked

January 29th, 2003

bondageAuthor’s note:

Hmmm? where to begin.

I miss You already and it is only 11:00am. I couldn’t go back to sleep when you left. Can’t imagine why. All I could think of was fucking you. So I took a cold shower and did the dishes and washed your shirts and still all I can think of is fucking you. How you manage to keep me so one track is beyond me. All it takes is your touch, and for the rest of the day I want you so bad I can almost feel you inside me. I can’t wait till you get home. So for the second time I have decided to write to you about what keeps going through my head. I fear it will not be as good as the first.

You come home from work and notice the smell of melting wax. You slip the key in the lock and open the door. The faint glow of candlelight is the first thing you notice. As you walk deeper into the kitchen you find a small white card leaning against one of the many white pillar candles on the stove. On the front, you notice my handwriting. You raise it closer to your face to read what I have written.

“My loving Master”

You open the card and read what is inside.

“Dinner is in the microwave. It should still be hot, as I have just finished preparing it. I have already eaten. If it pleases you, eat your fill and then join me in the bedroom. Love always, your slave”

You walk over to the microwave and open the door. Inside is your favorite dish. You sit down and eat your meal and then come into the bedroom. Once again the faint glow of candlelight hits your eyes, only not as bright this time, so it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust. You look down at the bed and I am not there. You look to the corners of the room and in one I am kneeling with my head bowed and my hands clasped behind my back.

Minus my posture, I am a picture of innocence. I am wearing a long white satin gown with a white lace robe over it. My hair is pulled away from my face in a French braid. Weaved into the braid is babies breath and white satin ribbon. The only jewelry I wear is my collar and it gleams brightly in the candles’ glow. A small smile is on my face and I wait patiently for you to speak.

“Hello, little girl.”

“Hello, Master. How was work today?”

“Eventful. Mind telling me what’s going on?”

“I wanted to do something nice for you tonight. So hear I am. But please, Master, please be gentle. I’m not sure I can take much pain tonight.”

At this comment, a smile plays across your face. You walk over to me and wrap your hand up in my hair. “Be gentle, eh? I think not.”

You drag me to my feet by my hair and shove me onto the bed.

“Get comfortable, whore. You’re going to be there for a while.”

You pull off the robe gently so as not to rip it. Then you bind me to the bed and stand watching my expression. I avert my eyes so that you do not see the anguish in them.

“Look at Me.”

I keep my gaze steady and refuse to bring my eyes to yours. You bring back your hand. At the threat, I still refuse to meet your stare. You slap me with such force that my head whips back and tears instantly spring to my eyes. I force myself to look at you.

“What’s the matter, cunt? You don’t like being treated this way?”

I shake my head with remorse.

“I can’t hear you. Speak up.”

“No, Master.”

“You have but to say one word and I will stop.”

I lift my chin defiantly and avert my eyes once again. You smile broadly.

“That’s what I thought. So, we want to play little miss innocent today, do we? Do you still think that I cannot break you?”

I nod and look into your eyes.

“I think you are too nice to even try, Master.”

As a smile plays across my face, I realize I have pushed a button to start a process I have been trying to cause for weeks. You glare down at me crossly.

“Haven’t I warned you about that before?”

“Warned me about what? I am only stating my opinion, Master.”

“Never underestimate Me, wench. You may seriously regret it.”

You stand and remove your belt and wield it as if it was a sword and you were headed into battle. At the sight, I cringe and begin to plead.

“No, Master, please! Please, not that. Anything but your belt.”

A devilish grin spreads across your face as you lay the belt on the bed beside me. A triumphant smile plays on my lips, for I am sure you will not push me. You grasp the nightie I am wearing and rip it from my body and I begin to understand that push me is exactly what you intend to do. You grab my breasts in your hands and begin to claw at them and pinch my nipples.

I gasp with pleasure as you lower your lips to my nipples. You begin to caress them with your tongue and I writhe in ecstasy. Just as I begin to let my guard down, you chomp down on my right nipple with such force that I have no choice but to whimper. Quicker than I can bat an eyelash, your hand flies again. I feel the sting of the slap almost before I see your hand move.

“Shut up, slut.”

Once again tears spring to my eyes and this time I cannot fight them. They spill down over my lashes onto my reddened cheeks. I turn my face away. You grab my hair and turn my head so that I am facing you.

“I will remind you one last time. Say the word and this all will stop.”

I jut out my chin in indignation and keep my gaze steady as the tears stream down my face. You reach up and touch my cheek for a split second and then rise to go to the closet. You return from the closet with various toys and are obviously contemplating what to use first. I am watching you with careful observation as you put the toys down and lift a candle.

“No, Master, please. Not tonight, please.” I beg to no avail.

You push my thighs apart and let the wax drip ever so slowly down the inside of my right thigh. As I feel the sensation of the first few drops, I begin to whimper. You trail the wax up my thigh to my stomach and over to my left thigh. I move my left leg out of the way of the dripping wax as the pain becomes more intense.

“You insolent little bitch!”

With a quickness I cannot measure, you snatch up the belt and strike my left inner thigh with it. You pause and I think that is all I will get. Then you strike my right inner thigh as well.

“Count. Out loud. That is two.”

Again, you strike my left one.

“Three.” I whisper and the tears are flowing freely down my cheeks.

My right.

“Four.” Barely audible now.

“I can’t here you. And add a ‘Master’ to that.”

“Four, Master.”

I begin to sob quietly.

“No noise except to count.”

You continue to strike my inner thighs until I reach ten. You lay down the belt careful to make sure I see it is still within reach and once again begin dripping wax on my thighs.

“Please Master, no more. I can’t take anymore.”

Your face fills with pity, but you continue waxing me. Finally after what feels like forever, you rise and begin to undress. I think I am finally going to get what I want and a smile spreads across my face. You reach over to where the toys lay and pick up two small items that I cannot quite see. You attach them to my nipples and I realize they are nipple clamps. You reach down and pick up one more and realization begins to cover my face.

“Master? Please don’t do this to me. You can’t do this to me.”

“Oh, but I can, little girl, and I am going to.”

You attach the third clamp to my clit. Then you climb up to sit on my chest and begin fucking my mouth. I am whimpering but I begin to suck fervently at your cock. I feel your body tense as you rise quickly to the point of climax. You rip your cock out of my mouth and stare down at me.

“What the fuck?”

I grin impishly and wait for you to decide what to do next. You remove the clamp on my clit and thrust yourself deep inside me. I moan with pleasure as you fuck me deep and hard. All the while you are raking my skin with your nails and biting me as hard as you can. I begin to scream with delight and once again your hand flies.

“Not another sound. You hear Me?”

I nod.

You continue fucking me and then once again you begin to rise to climax. You rip your cock out of me, flip me onto my stomach and plunge as deep into my ass as you can go. You reach for a flogger and begin to beat me as you fuck my ass. I can no longer stay quiet. I begin to whimper. You grab my hair and pull my head up as far as it will go.

You close the distance leaning down to me.

“I’m beginning to think that you like being slapped. Shut up slut! Oh, and don’t close your mouth this

I open my eyes wide in confusion and you begin to laugh. As you near climax once again, you pull out for the final time and cum all over my face and back. I understand now what you meant and I keep my mouth open.

“Make sure you get a taste.”

You rise and leave the room, to clean up I assume, and leave me bound to the bed. I feel your cum become cold and then begin to dry on my face and back. You return, but with no sympathy.

“I am going to untie your hands. You are only to move to your side of the bed. Other than that, not a sound or a movement.”

You untie my hands and I move over. You rise once again and extinguish all the candles. When you return, I turn to look at you. You slap my ass with as much force as you can muster.

“Go to sleep, cunt. You can bathe in the morning.”

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