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January 26th, 2003

bondageThe day is December 15th, 2003. You and I have been married one year to the date. And I have been enslaved to you for one year two months and nine days. You return home, walk pointedly to the bedroom closet and begin rifling through our clothes. First you take out a light blue button down dress shirt, a pair of black slacks, a black tie with light blue stripes, and a black sports coat. I watch with wonder as you then begin looking through my clothes and pull out a short black dress that is rather revealing and a gauzy wrap for my shoulders.

“But, Master, I’ll freeze!”

“Shut-up, slut. Get in the shower.”

I strip and climb into the shower gasping as the water, cold at first, hits my skin. I turn and put my back to the shower door. Then I close my eyes and begin letting the water run over my naked body and through my red hair. I pour shampoo into my hand and begin to lather my hair when I feel hands sliding down the back of my neck and around to the front of my body. They find my nipples and begin to squeeze. I gasp and try to turn and face you.

“No little one. Finish with your hair and put in the conditioner. Do not turn around.”

I do as you tell me, prolonging washing my hair as I know how watching me play with my hair affects you. I slowly rinse my red locks and then add conditioner. I pick up the sponge to begin washing my body and you take it from my hand. I expect you to lather the sponge and then my skin, but instead I feel your hands sliding down my body toward my cunt. I feel your fingers gently spread my lips and plunge into my opening. Then ever so slowly they find my clit and begin massaging it. I begin to moan softly with pleasure as your fingers begin pinching and rubbing my clit rhythmically. I rise quickly to climax and you stop.

“Not yet whore! Geez you’re so easy.”

I lower my head and mumble an apology as you shove me over and plunge your cock into my extremely wet crevice. I moan loudly and you cover my mouth. You keep thrusting your cock in and out, in and out, over and over, fucking me hard and deep. You reach around and begin massaging my clit while you are fucking me. I let out a low, sultry moan with every stroke and once again rise to climax.

“Nuh uh. Not yet.”

Your fingers stop moving. I whimper a little and you take your cock out of my cunt.

“Wonder if you can get off with me in your ass.”

You shove your cock in my ass and I yelp with pain. You let out an evil laugh filled with enjoyment and begin fucking my ass harder than you have ever fucked it before. Then you begin moving your fingers again. Rubbing, pinching, tugging… manipulating my clit as much as you can to bring me back to climax again.

“You better cum you little slut.” you whisper in my ear.

I begin cumming so violently that you almost can’t keep your cock in my ass.

“That’s what I thought. She’s such a little hoe. Even gets off when I’m fucking her ass.”

I can hear the satisfaction in your voice and my face grows redder by the second. You continue fucking my ass hard and deep. You wrap your fingers in my hair and try to pull it. I laugh as your hand slips right out of my hair. You slap the back of my head and give three painfully hard thrusts to my ass hole. I begin to whimper and you let out a menacing laugh.

“One day you’ll learn to keep your little cunt mouth shut.”

Finally, you cum deep in my ass and hand me the sponge and tell me to finish my shower. I turn to kiss you but you are already gone. I lather the sponge and begin washing my body. I rinse the conditioner out of my hair and the soap off my body and lather my legs and cunt with shaving cream. I shave my legs, armpits and then, ever so carefully, I shave my cunt. I do one final rinse and step out of the shower. As I am drying off, you walk back into the bathroom and watch me run the towel over my wet body.

“Was there any particular underwear, shoes, hose or anything that you wanted me to wear, Master?”

“You choose. Make sure it’s sexy.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Go get ready. Make sure to do your hair and make up. Red lipstick.”

“Yes, Master.”

I walk into the bedroom and rummage through my underwear looking for just the right thing to wear. I pull out a black satin strapless bra and a black satin garter belt. Then I begin rifling through my hose and find a pair of black stockings with the seam up the back. I pull out a pair of elegant black stilettos and then begin dressing. First I put on the garter belt. Then I slowly, ever so slowly, so as not to run them, slide on the stockings. I hook them to the belt and pick up my bra I hook it around me and adjust my breasts so that they have just the right amount of cleavage. I slip the silky dress over my head and slide it down my body, checking my reflection in the mirror to make sure it looks alright.

Satisfied with my reflection I walk in to the bathroom and begin doing my hair and makeup. Just theright amount of curl, not too much hairspray… etc.

When I am finally done I walk into the bedroom and notice you fumbling with your tie. I stand staring at you not making a sound, waiting for your approval. Finally, you glance up, and then back to your tie.

“Well, don’t just stand there, slave, help yooouurr….”

You look up again and let your eyes trail over my body. I blush deeply and stand patiently, knowing you are enjoying the view. You close the space between us in three quick steps and let your hands follow the path your eyes made. I pull in a slow deep breath and move into your touch. You step back and I look at you, confusion filling my eyes.

“We’re going to be late.”

“For what, Master?”

“You’ll see. Now help Me tie this.”

I help you tie your tie and you put your jacket on. I put on the wrap and you lead me out of the house. As soon as I step out, I notice the sleek black limo waiting at the curb. The driver steps out and opens the door for us. I look at you with excited eyes and you lead me to the door.

“Get in silly slave.”

I climb into the limo and you climb in behind me. I look around and notice on the counter a bucket of ice with what appears to be a very expensive bottle of champagne. You pick out two champagne flutes and hand them to me. Then you lift the bottle out of the bucket, open it and fill both the glasses. You return the bottle to it’s rightful place and turn to face me.

“Happy anniversary little one.”

“Happy anniversary Master.”

We drink happily to each other and sit in the luxury of the limo waiting to got to wherever you are taking me. I lean back and close my eyes in complete bliss and feel your warm breath on my throat. You gently trail your tongue up an down the side of my throat and I feel your hands creep up the inside of my thigh. I hear you gasp as your fingers find my cunt and realize I am not wearing any underwear. You gently slip one finger into my opening and find that I am wet. You remove your finger and push the bottom of the dress up so you can get full view and access to my cunt. I open my eyes and gasp as I feel your finger inside of me again… in, out, in, out…..

I look forward and notice the window separating us from the driver is still open.

“Master,” I whisper breathlessly. “The window.”


I lay back and try to ignore the fact that we are being watched as you slide your fingers to my clit and begin pinching and rubbing it again, this time obviously only to tease me, letting me get close to climax and then backing off over and over. I slide my hand to your cock and slowly unzip your pants. I slip my hand inside and begin giving you a hand job. You rise close to climax and slap my hand away. You re-zip your pants and push my dress back down.

“That’s enough. We’re almost there.”

We pull up to the most elegant restaurant I have ever seen and the limo driver lets us out, never saying a word or so much as glancing at me. I look to you with question in my eyes and you smile playfully.

“You think I just hire any ‘Joe’ off the street. he came fully recommended from others in our lifestyle.”

“I should have known.”

You lead me into the restaurant and we are seated quickly. You order us a bottle of the same champagne we were drinking in the limo and our dinner as well. As we eat, I am very aware of your hand on my inner thigh. Slowly you slide it back to my cunt and begin playing again.

“Don’t move or make a sound.”

I finish eating as quickly as possible, wanting desperately to go back to the limo, but you order dessert. I whimper quietly, wondering how much longer you are going to torture me. Suddenly, I am very aware of your purpose, as I slowly rise to climax once again.

“Remember, no movement or sound.”

I nod and bite my lip to keep from moaning.


I do, almost as violently as when you were in my ass, becoming very aware of how hard I am biting my lip to keep from making a sound. Just as I am finished, dessert arrives and you act as if nothing has happened. You dive in to your dessert and motion for me to do the same. We finish and you leave a nice tip and lead me out to the limo. We step inside and before the driver can close the door you start at me again. I unzip your pants and am happy to see that you are as aroused as I am. I lower my mouth to your cock and begin sucking desperately. You gently take my mouth off of you and lift my chin so that I am looking into your eyes.

“Give me your cunt. Now.”

I lift my leg over yours and slide onto you. I begin fucking you slowly and gently at first, trying not to show how eager I am. Then, unable to control myself, I begin fucking you harder and faster. I feel your cock inside me growing harder and know that you are plotting. Your hand slides up my back and you twine your fingers in my hair. You pull my head back so you can see my face.

“You like that, you fucking whore?”

I nod, and, almost too quickly for my eyes to register, your hand flies and my head snaps back with the blow.

“Yeah, of course you do. All little whores like cock, don’t they?”

I nod again, fighting tears. I keep fucking you and we rise slowly to climax together. You grab my ass and force me to stop. As we begin to calm down, you begin to move so I start fucking you again. I keep an even rhythm, fucking you hard, making your cock go as deep as I can. I lower my lips to your neck and begin kissing and licking. Suddenly, without warning, we both explode into climax, our bodies shuddering as one with the force of our cum. We collapse into a fit of orgasm and sit there trying to catch our breath.

Very cautiously, I lift myself off you and reach for a cloth. I lower my mouth to your cock again and lick you clean. Then I dry you off with the cloth and clean myself up.

Finally, we pull up to the curb in front of our house and go upstairs. We shower together unable to keep our hands off each other and then climb into bed, slipping gently off to sleep in each others arms.

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