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The Dream

November 7th, 2002

bondageMaster I would like to tell you about the dream I had last night.

I am sitting on a bed in a room that I can only assume is ours because it is not the room in which we currently sleep. I am watching TV and have my back to the door. The volume is so loud that I do not hear you open the door. You come up behind me and for a moment stand and stare at me. I feel a presence and slowly turn to face you. When I look up at you I drop my eyes and smile.

“Hello, Master. I missed you.”

You put a finger to my lips and lift my chin so that I am gazing directly into your face. I notice for the first time that your left hand is behind your back. You smile lovingly at me and hand me a package. You turn and walk out of the room as I open the envelope that you attached to the front.

“Undress. Put on the articles in this parcel. Lie down face first on the bed. Love, Your Master.”

I expose what is inside and begin to undress. As I am lifting the articles out to put them on I notice what they are: a sleeveless red satin corset, a satin thong, a satin blindfold, and a ball gag. I dress quickly and slip the ball gag into my mouth and the blindfold over my eyes. I
lie down on the bed, face first, and wait patiently for your return.

You reenter the room and touch me gently to make me aware of your presence. At this point in the dream, I begin to watch the scene as if I am looking down at it from above, yet I still feel the sensations that you invent. In your hands is a box. You set the box on the floor and begin removing items from the box and placing them on a table beside the bed: a small white candle, a black leather flogger, a silver Zippo that is engraved, with what I cannot see, a pair of silver hand cuffs and a long stemmed red rose.

You climb onto the bed and straddle my back. You untie the corset and begin tightening the laces until I have to struggle to breathe. You retrieve the handcuffs and raise my hands over my head. You cuff one hand, thread the other cuff through a loop attached to the wall, and then cuff the other hand. You rise again from the bed and recover the candle and the Zippo. You light the candle and wait a moment for me to smell the smoke. I begin to writhe with anticipation. You hold the candle over the backs of my thighs and let the wax drip freely. As I feel the wax hit my legs, I begin to moan deeply.

“Shhhhh. Not a sound.”

I clench my fists and bite down on the ball gag to keep from disobeying you. I slip gently into sub-space and have no idea how long you are doing this. You blow out the candle and return it to the table. You retrieve the flogger and drape it before my face so that I may smell the leather. You begin whipping me, gently at first. I begin moving to the rhythm of your strokes. Your strokes come faster and harder and I begin to writhe sensually beneath them.

“Lie still.”

As you begin hitting me harder, I let out a tiny yelp. you slap my face.

“I said not a sound, bitch.”

Tears spring to my eyes and instantly I am sorry. You begin to rake my flesh with the nails of your free hand. I lie still and my breathing becomes ragged. You slowly slide the thongs off me, and then resume flogging me. I notice for the first time the sensation of your skin against mine. The urge to have you inside of me becomes unbearable. Just as I think I can take no more you thrust your cock into my cunt with such strength that I can’t help but to whimper. Instantly, you take it away.

“Don’t make me tell you again, you little whore.”

I nod and bury my face deep into the pillows. You slide your cock back into my crevice, gently this time, and begin fucking me. It is all I can do to keep quiet. You raise me ever so slowly to the point of climax and then freeze.

“Do you want to cum?”

I nod slowly.

“Not yet.”

You begin fucking me again and tell me that if I cum I will be punished. You keep plunging your cock deeper and harder and my pussy begins to throb. I feel myself once again come close to climax and once again you stop.

“Control yourself, slut. I won’t warn you again.”

You begin plunging into me again, this time with more force and I can no longer hold back. I begin to cum violently wishing I could stop myself, knowing that you are disappointed. You slap me again and then drive yourself deep into my ass as hard as you can.

“I told you that you would be punished.”

I nod and try to zone. You grab my hair and fuck my ass hole deeper and harder forcing me to stay in the real world. I feel you grasping the cuffs and hear the lock click as you release my hands from there clutches. You rip yourself out of my asshole and flip me onto my back. You grab my right nipple and begin to pinch it with more force than I have ever felt. I feel the warmth of your cum as you ejaculate all over my body. Tears are flowing freely down my face.

“Maybe next time you will obey your Master, bitch.”

When you are finished you remove the blindfold.

“Don’t move. You will lie there until I tell you that you may move.”

I lie very still trying to stop the flow of tears, feeling your cum dry on my body.

“I am going to take the gag off. Do not make a sound.”

I nod and you slip the gag out of my mouth.

“Do you have anything to say?”

“I’m sorry, Master.”

You stare down at me and smile sadly.

“I want you to know that I do not enjoy punishing you, but when I give you an order I expect you to obey. You are my slave. My slut. I will do with you what I wish and you are to follow my commands no matter what. Now go and bathe. You smell like a whore.”

I rise and walk to the bathroom. I run the bath water and climb in the tub. After a thorough scrubbing I return to the bedroom naked.

“Lie down on your stomach.”

I do as I’m told and you pick up the rose. You begin trailing it on my back and then shower me with kisses. I begin to fall asleep. You lie down next to me, wrap your arms around me, and drift off as well.

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